Frequently asked questions

Once payment is received how quickly do you ship the product?

It depends on your order. We need about 10 business days to make the hair but with bulk order it will be very fast: 20kg in 4-5 business days. But frontal and closure take time. 5-7 days more.

Where is the nearest port to the factory?

We ship worldwide by UPS/DHL, only taking 2-3 business days . Ship from Ha Noi International Airport.

Besides, we have some agents in Viet Nam to ship to other countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Cameroon, Senegal… to save shipping cost.

Who do you use for shipping?


Do you have a return policy if the hair is not good quality and how would I send it back?

Yes we do as in here :

You can send back by EMS to my company address with low value to avoid custom tax.

Do you keep enough stock for large orders and quick dispatch?

The raw material is always in stock for 500kg – 1000kg.

What is virgin hair

Is the hair cut directly from girls AND that girls did not do anything with her head before.

Can the hair be bleachable?

Yes, if you need to bleach the hair, there will be special materials for bleaching. Just tell us your inquiry, we will recommend the right hair.

What can they be dyed to?

Raw color can dye to all colors exclude 613 or blonde 60, it needs bleaching materials.

What is the difference between the grades of the hair e.g. 7A, 8A ETC.

This is for china hair grade. We don’t sell china hair

Is the hair mixed with any synthetic fibres or animal hair?

No, our hair is real human hair.

How can I test the quality of the hair?

You can place a small order to test the hair by yourself before bulk orders.

How long does your hair last?

2 – 3 years, but we have not gotten any complaints about this matter so we can not tell the exact time.

Is hair constantly in stock or purchased / created when I order it?

We only stock raw material , just cut from girls, and make wefts and waves when we have orders. But if you are big customers and take hair frequently, we can start making your second order right after your first order was shipped.

Besides, now we have many hair in stock in office which is ready to ship, check with sale members to get it.

How was this hair sourced?

Raw Hair bought from the collectors , collectors buy directly from girl heads in Viet Nam.

Was it sourced ethically?

Yes, collectors went around our country to buy it from girls. Who want to sell

Do you have double drawn or single drawn hair?

We have our own standard, depending on which hair you want. For raw hair: we have Diamond and Platinium standard, Diamond is quite like double drawn. Platinium quality, more short hair removed out of the bundles. For remy hair: we have Single drawn, Double drawn, Super double silver and Super luxury different about full end, Single drawn is thinner than Double drawn, Super double silver is thicker than Double drawn and Super luxury is the best quality, super smooth and same length from top to bottom.

What is raw hair

That is the hair cut directly from girls.

How are the curl patterns created?

Steamed water

Are any chemicals used during the processing of the hair? If so, how and when?


How would you describe the hair cuticle?

Raw hair = Hair cut = Cuticle Aligned

How have the nits been removed?

Washed  and Dry in the sun

Do you have closures that perfectly match the bundles you have?

Yes, all textures will have a closure match with bundles.

How do you construct the wefts on the bundles?

Machine weft , double weft.

If the customer cannot come to you in person can they video call you as you go around the factory

Yes, we can. Just contact us to arrange the appointment for that.

Can I have my own freight forwarding company collect the hair from the factory and handle delivery to me?


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