Vendor questions

1. How is the hair collected?

We bought from girls. No donators.

How is the hair sanitized? (free of nits and lice)

We wash the hair by sampoo and dry the hair under the sun before process it.

2. Which 4 stages does your company do in house?

Wash hair, dry hair, make weft bundles, remove any nits and lice by hand, wash and dry the hair again.

3. Which stages are outsourced? How can you guarantee quality?

All processes is in house now. We mostly do guarantee quality by hand checking every single bundle.

4. Describe the hair cuticle please?

The hair is original from humans so the cuticle just like original human hair.

5. What percentage % of the cuticles are aligned?

On the top, all cuticles are aligned. In the bottom of bundle, it depends on the standards. If you buy our double drawn hair, 30 cm of short hair removed. For super double drawn hair, 75 – 80% short hair removed, we also can do fuller bottom, it all depends on price.

6. Is your hair tangle, odor, synthetic, lice free?


7. Are the cuticles stripped to make different textures and curl patterns?

Our hair is original, so you can make any textures if you want.

8. Is the hair dipped in acid or ammonia? If so why?

No, we don’t use acid at all. If you buy colored hair, we use acid to bleach the hair.

9. Are fillers added to the hair?


10. Can you guarantee that your hair is virgin?

No, I can not. Just can gurantee our hair is 100% natural human hair.

11. Can the hair be washed, conditioned, dyed, bleached, permed, relaxed and straightened with heat?


12. Can curly hair go back after being straightened?

Mostly yes.

13. How are the curls processed?

We do steamed water hair.

14. Is the hair 100g per wefted bundle? Or is it 100g INCLUDING packaging?

100 gram per bundle without package.

15. Are the weft double or single drawn?

We can do both double and single weft at same price, just note that double weft is shorter when you open the bundle.

16. Are the wefts created by machine or hand?

Wefted machine.

17. Can you send me send me pictures of the hair before I pay?

For sample, it is ok. For real order, we need to receive the payment before making products.

18. Does the hair hold a curl (using flat iron, curling iron, flexi rod)?

For straight hair, no.

19. Can you customize a specific curl pattern? (custom order) what process will be used?

Yes we can do based on your pictures or sample. All are steamed water.

20. Is the hair in stock?

Bulk straight hair is always in stock.

21. What do you recommend is the best way to store the hair?

Dry place.

22. How do you recommend to maintain the texture and or pattern?

You can read in any source on the internet. We mainly do sell to wholesaler, not end-users.

23. What is the return policy if I am not satisfied with the product for manufacturing reasons?

You can return packs when you are not satisfied. Just need to pay the return shipping fee.

25. Is there a restocking fee for manufacturing issues?


26. Is the return shipping prepaid?

No, you have to pay for shipping.

27. If my order is late will there be a discount applied to the order?

Fee shipping for delayed order.

28. What is the production time after receiving payment?

2-4 days for straight hair , 4-6 days for wavy/curly hair.

29. Who is your shipment company of choice?

UPS, DHL. Based on your request.

30. What are your shipping cost? Is shipping free with large Orders? If so how large does the order need to be to receive free shipping?

We do at the lowest price for our customers so there is no free shipping fee. The shipping fee is based on Carriers price, we have no involve with the shipping fee.

31. How do you deal with duties and taxes?

We don’t do custom in your country.

32. Do you accept paypal for payment?


33. Is your company capable of using my own private label?


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