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About Unihair

Unihairvn is one of the top wholesale hair suppliers in Vietnam, is an internationally known hair extension brand with retail stores and distributors throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa and Central America. With many years of experience, we are receiving positive feedbacks from customers all over the world.

Our products were collected from Vietnamese and ethnic minorities in Vietnam. Therefore, all our hair is virgin or remy with the natural cutting methods. Our slogan is “Pure product, Real price”. We alway want to give you an opportunity to experience top quality Vietnamese hair at affordable prices.

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Why Choose Us

We’re proud to be the top Vietnam hair factory, with high quality products and professional service.


Bulk Hair

Machine Weft

Genius Weft

Flat Weft

Lace Closure

Lace Frontal


Topper & Toupee


Seamless Clip-In



Normal Tape-In

Long Tape-In

Normal Tape with Fabric

Invisible Tape-In

Stitched Tape-In

Seamless Tape-In

I Tip

Flat Tip

V Tip

U Tip

Nano Ring

Micro Ring















Viking Blonde

Norwegian Blonde

Mocha Melt




Artic Blonde


Scandinavian Blonde



Bergen Blonde





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Testimonials of delighted customers showcasing their fabulous hair transformations.

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Vendor Questions

Your go-to source for expert insights and guidance in the hair industry.

We bought from girls. No donators.

We wash the hair by sampoo and dry the hair under the sun before process it.

Wash hair, dry hair, make weft bundles, remove any nits and lice by hand, wash and dry the hair again.

All processes is in house now. We mostly do guarantee quality by hand checking every single bundle.

The hair is original from humans so the cuticle just like original human hair.

On the top, all cuticles are aligned. In the bottom of bundle, it depends on the standards. If you buy our double drawn hair, 30 cm of short hair removed. For super double drawn hair, 75 – 80% short hair removed, we also can do fuller bottom, it all depends on price.

Our hair is original, so you can make any textures if you want.

No, we don’t use acid at all. If you buy colored hair, we use acid to bleach the hair.

No, I can not. Just can gurantee our hair is 100% natural human hair.

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