Flat Tip Hair Extensions with Natural Black Color Straight Hair

  • Materials: 100% Vietnamese human hair.
  • Textile: Soft, smooth and silky

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Unihair is more than simply a brand – it is a commitment. We are committed to bringing you top-quality wigs with meticulousness and sophistication in each strand of hair. Made from 100% natural hair, Flat Tip Unihair ensures durability and smoothness and gives you many creative opportunities with the hairstyle you desire.

Flat Tip

Flat Tip Hair Extensions offer an ideal solution for enhancing the length and fullness of your hair, all while injecting a burst of vivid hues. Crafted from premium 100% natural hair, these extensions boast a luxuriously soft and silky texture, rendering them effortlessly stylable. The color spectrum spans from understated, natural tones to striking, lively shades.

Type Flat Tip Hair Extensions
Hair Material 100% Vietnamese Human Hair
Hair Texture Straight hair
Hair Quality 1. No shedding, no tangles, no chemical treatment, adequate cuticles, and keep the line.

2. Soft, smooth and silky

3. No lice, no nits or egg shells

4. Can keep the texture after washing and keep the texture for 3 years

5. Can be ironed and dyed, even bleached

Hair Color Natural Black Color
Hair Length From 8 inches to 30 inches
Weight About 100-120 pcs/100 gram

What Sets Our Flat Tip Apart?

High-Quality Human Hair: Our Flat Tip Extensions are exclusively crafted from 100% natural human hair. This means you can enjoy a soft, silky texture that closely mimics the characteristics of your own hair. The use of human hair allows for seamless blending and a natural appearance.

Innovative Flat Tip Design: The unique flat tip design of our extensions simplifies the attachment process. Using heated tools, these extensions can be easily affixed to your natural hair without the need for messy, time-consuming adhesives or clips. The result is a secure and discreet attachment, offering both comfort and longevity.

Versatile Color Options: We understand that individual style preferences vary greatly. That’s why our Flat Tip Extensions come in a wide range of color options. From natural, understated shades that blend seamlessly with your hair to bold and vibrant hues that make a striking statement, we have a color choice for everyone.

Easy Styling: Flat Tip Extensions are incredibly versatile when it comes to styling. They can be straightened, curled, or simply left as they are, allowing you to experiment with various looks. This adaptability lets you tailor your hairstyle to match any occasion or mood.

Durability: Our Flat Tip Extensions are designed for long-lasting wear. Thanks to the secure attachment method and high-quality materials, these extensions can withstand daily activities and are resistant to slipping or falling out.

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Packaging Details: Hair is packed in a strong box, protected from shock and rough handling and suitable for long-distance transport.

Shipping Method: DHL, UPS, Agents,…

Payment: Western Union, Money Gram, Bank transfer, T/T, Paypal, USDT,…

Delivery time: 5 – 7 days after payment received

Return policy: We accept return within 30 days, please make sure that the hair hasn’t been used or damaged. If the items you received are defective, please contact us first.




It’s essential for your hair stylist to assist you in determining the ideal hair extension length for a seamlessư, natural appearance. The golden rule to remember is to avoid choosing extensions significantly longer than your current hair length.

If your hair is too short, blending extremely long extensions can be challenging, leading to a choppy and conspicuous outcome. We’ve all witnessed some hair extension mishaps, and they’re certainly not a flattering sight.

Please note: We have provided a handy chart to estimate hair length. Keep in mind that curly and wavy extensions tend to be 1-2 inches shorter than straight hair of the same stated length. Our chart helps you figure out where your hair will fall on your head. It’ll appear longer if placed towards the nape.


Taking proper care of your Flat Tip Hair Extensions is crucial for ensuring their longevity and maintaining their luster. Here are some essential care instructions to keep in mind:

Gentle Washing: When it comes to washing your Flat Tip Extensions, treat them with care. Use a sulfate-free, mild shampoo and lukewarm water. Gently lather the shampoo and wash from top to bottom, avoiding unnecessary rubbing or twisting, which can cause tangling.

Conditioning: Apply a good-quality, sulfate-free conditioner from mid-length to the ends of your extensions. Avoid applying conditioner near the roots, as this can lead to slippage. Leave the conditioner in for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Detangling: To prevent tangling, use a wide-tooth comb or a special hair extension brush. Start at the tips and work your way up slowly, being gentle and patient. Avoid combing or brushing while the hair is wet.

Drying: After washing, gently blot your extensions with a towel to remove excess water. Do not rub vigorously. Allow them to air dry by hanging them or laying them flat on a clean surface. Avoid using a hairdryer or heat-styling tools directly on the bonds.

Heat Styling: If you want to style your extensions with heat, use a heat protectant spray and keep the temperature at a lower setting. Excessive heat can damage the hair and bonds.

Regular Maintenance: Flat Tip Extensions should be repositioned every 6-8 weeks, depending on hair growth, to ensure they stay secure and comfortable.


  1. How Can I Have Confidence in Your Business?

Unihairvn stands out as one of the premier hair wholesalers in Vietnam, recognized globally as a distinguished hair extension brand. Our reach extends far and wide, with a presence spanning across the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Central America through a network of retail establishments and distributors. Building upon years of expertise, we’ve garnered favorable reviews from satisfied patrons worldwide.

Our hair selection is meticulously sourced from Vietnamese locales and ethnic communities, ensuring that all our hair is either in its original state (virgin) or follows the remy standard with a focus on employing natural harvesting techniques. Our motto echoes, “Pure product, Real price”. We are unwavering in our commitment to provide you with an opportunity to revel in the superior quality of Vietnamese hair without compromising affordability.

  1. What Is the Lifespan of Hair Extensions?

The longevity of hair extensions is subject to fluctuations contingent upon their type and caliber. When subjected to meticulous upkeep and vigilant care, premium extensions possess the potential to endure for a span ranging from 2 to 3 years. However, it is noteworthy to mention that our customer base has yet to register any grievances in this regard, hence pinpointing an exact timeframe may be somewhat elusive.

  1. Are Flat Tip Hair Extensions Easy to Use?

One of the standout advantages of Flat Tip Hair Extensions is their ease of use. Their unique flat tip design simplifies the attachment process using heated tools, eliminating the need for complex adhesives or clips. This secure and comfortable method ensures that anyone can effortlessly enjoy the benefits of these extensions. Furthermore, the versatility in styling they offer allows users to quickly and easily change their look to suit their preferences, making them an accessible and convenient choice for hair enhancement.

  1. Can I Remove Flat Tip Extensions on My Own or Do I Need Professional Help?

Removing Flat Tip Extensions can be a delicate process. While some individuals may choose to remove them on their own, it’s typically recommended to seek professional assistance. Professionals have the experience and tools to ensure safe removal without causing damage to your natural hair. Attempting to remove them yourself can lead to tangling, breakage, or discomfort. Additionally, improper removal may affect the extensions’ reusability. Therefore, it’s wise to consider professional help to ensure a smooth and damage-free removal process.

  1. Are Flat Tip Hair Extensions Comfortable to Wear?

The comfort of Flat Tip HairExtensions is a common concern among potential users. Thanks to their innovative design and secure attachment method, they are generally comfortable to wear. The flat-tip hair extension bonds are discreet and don’t cause discomfort or tension on the scalp. However, comfort can vary depending on individual sensitivity and the quality of the installation. It’s essential to have them applied by a skilled professional who can ensure a comfortable and secure fit. 

  1. Using Flat Tip Hair Extensions During Physical Activities and Sports

Using Flat Tip Hair Extensions during physical activities and sports is possible but requires some precautions. It’s important to secure your hair and extensions properly to prevent dislodgment. Wearing a secure ponytail or braid is advisable, and it’s best to avoid activities that involve excessive sweating or excessive friction on the extensions. After physical activities, rinsing your hair and extensions is recommended for maintaining their quality. 

  1. Can I Style Flat Tip Extensions Like My Natural Hair?

Yes, you can style Flat Tip Hair Extensions much like your natural hair. These extensions are versatile and can be straightened, curled, or styled in various ways using heat styling tools. Just remember to use a heat protectant spray and keep the temperature within a safe range to prevent damage. This adaptability allows you to experiment with different looks, matching your hairstyle to the occasion or your mood while enjoying the seamless integration of these extensions into your natural hair.

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