6×8 inches Lace base with 4×4 silk PU coated #1B color Hair Topper

– Hair Material : 100% Vietnamese Human Hair
– Hair Texture : Straight hair
– Hair Color: #1B color
– Hair Length: 18 inches
– Base Type: Lace Base
– Base Dimension: 6×8 inches
– Hair Density: 130%

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Unihair proudly presents a diverse range of premium toppers designed to cater to your hair enhancement needs. Our toppers are expertly crafted to provide discreet coverage for thinning hair or hair loss, making them an exceptional choice for both men and women. With Unihair’s toppers, you can enjoy the confidence and style you deserve, thanks to their authentic appearance, comfort, and styling versatility. 

Hair Toppers 

When it comes to addressing hair loss or thinning hair, toppers have emerged as a revolutionary solution. These versatile hairpieces are designed to discreetly cover areas of hair loss on the top of your head, making them an ideal choice for both men and women seeking to enhance their hair’s volume and overall appearance. If you’re considering a topper to boost your confidence and style, you’ve come to the right place.

Type Hair Toppers 
Hair Material 100% Vietnamese Human Hair
Hair Texture Bone Straight Hair
Hair Quality 1. No shedding, no tangles, no chemical treatment, adequate cuticles, and keep the line.

2. Soft, smooth and silky

3. No lice, no nits or egg shells

4. Can keep the texture after washing and keep the texture for 3 years

5. Can be ironed and dyed, even bleached

Hair Color #1B color
Hair Length 18 inches
Base Type Lace Base
Base Dimension 6×8 inches
Hair Density: 130%

What Sets Our Hair Toppers  Apart?

Unihair’s hair toppers stand out for several compelling reasons:

Authenticity: Our toppers are designed to mimic the appearance of real hair, ensuring a natural and undetectable look that boosts your confidence.

Customizability: With various lengths, textures, and color options, you can select the perfect topper to match your style and preferences.

Comfort: Crafted from high-quality materials, our toppers are lightweight and breathable, offering comfort even during extended wear.

Styling Freedom: You have the flexibility to style your topper just like your natural hair, allowing you to create various looks to suit your mood and occasion.

Quality Assurance: Unihair’s toppers are made from premium-quality hair, guaranteeing a seamless blend with your natural hair for a discreet and sophisticated appearance.

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Packaging Details: Hair is packed in a strong box, protected from shock and rough handling and suitable for long-distance transport.

Shipping Method: DHL, UPS, Agents,…

Payment: Western Union, Money Gram, Bank transfer, T/T, Paypal, USDT,…

Delivery time: 5 – 7 days after payment received

Return policy: We accept return within 30 days, please make sure that the hair hasn’t been used or damaged. If the items you received are defective, please contact us first.




It’s essential for your hair stylist to assist you in determining the ideal hair extension length for a seamlessư, natural appearance. The golden rule to remember is to avoid choosing extensions significantly longer than your current hair length.

If your hair is too short, blending extremely long extensions can be challenging, leading to a choppy and conspicuous outcome. We’ve all witnessed some hair extension mishaps, and they’re certainly not a flattering sight.

Please note: We have provided a handy chart to estimate hair length. Keep in mind that curly and wavy extensions tend to be 1-2 inches shorter than straight hair of the same stated length. Our chart helps you figure out where your hair will fall on your head. It’ll appear longer if placed towards the nape.


Caring for your hair toppers is essential to ensure their longevity and maintain their natural appearance. Here’s a brief analysis of how to properly care for and preserve your hair toppers:

Gentle Handling: Handle your hair toppers with care, just as you would with your natural hair. Avoid excessive tugging or pulling, especially during brushing and styling, to prevent any potential damage.

Use Appropriate Products: Opt for sulfate-free and alcohol-free hair products when washing and conditioning your hair toppers. These products are less likely to strip the hair of its natural oils and damage the attachment points.

Heat Styling Precautions: If you choose to heat style your hair toppers, use a heat protectant spray and maintain a moderate heat setting to prevent damage to the hair.

Professional Maintenance: Consider professional maintenance every 6-8 weeks to adjust the toppers as needed and ensure they remain secure.

Tangle Prevention: To prevent tangling, brush the toppers daily using a specialized hair extension brush, starting from the tips and working your way up.


  1. What is the Lifespan of Hair Toppers?

When properly maintained and not worn daily, synthetic hair toppers can last for as long as 14 months.

In the case of daily use, these toppers tend to show signs of wear and tear after 4 to 6 months.

  1. How to Maintain Hair Topper Care? 

Opt for a Paddle Brush, Not a Fine-Tooth Comb: Choose a paddle brush for grooming instead of a fine-tooth comb. Commence brushing from the tips of the hair, gently progressing upwards.

Proper Storage: When not in use, store your hair toppers on a mannequin head. This method will help maintain the topper’s shape and overall quality.

  1. Is a Hair Topper Prone to Heat?

Synthetic hair toppers not only remain cool but also possess style memory, ensuring the piece maintains its appearance without requiring additional heat styling on your part. Moreover, these synthetic toppers are resistant to weather changes, meaning even on humid and muggy days, your hair topper won’t become frizzy.

  1. Is it Possible to Secure a Hair Topper without Clips?

Similar to lace fronts and closures, you can employ tape to affix a hair topper without relying on clips. To do this, opt for a double-sided tape that is water-resistant and offers strong adhesion for a secure fit. After unfolding the topper, position it on your head, followed by gently pressing down on the taped area to ensure a firm hold.

  1. Can You Use a Hair Topper Throughout the Day?

After it’s securely attached and comfortable, a hair topper is intended for all-day wear. If you experience any discomfort due to the clips, it’s advisable to detach and reattach the topper. It’s crucial to ensure that you’re clipping it to an ample amount of natural hair and avoiding unnecessary tension that could lead to further hair loss.

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