A three-part closure is one that can be closed in three different ways. One in the center, one on each of the left and right sides.

Wearing a wig or weave gives you far too many options for how to wear it. Use of closure is the sole option if you’re concerned about preserving the attractiveness of your natural hair. The best security is offered to your hair by closures. They completely enclose your scalp, which makes them an excellent defensive kind! It has the benefit of giving you greater creative freedom with regard to how it is styled. You may choose between a middle part, free part, or a three-part. Let’s discuss all you need to know regarding three-part closures.

Let’s discuss lace closures first before learning about three-part

Let's discuss lace closures first before learning about three part closures.
Learning about three-part closure

A closure is a section of hair (between 3 and 5 inches broad and long) vented with lace, Swiss lace, or a silk basis meant to resemble the scalp and completely preserve your hair!

They can be glued, tapped, or stitched flat. If the hair is broken off, it might be normal, colored, etc. When wearing weaves, it is the ideal option for you to safeguard the health of your hair.

The Free Part

Anywhere can use this closing. This form is best if you want to wear your hair straight back without a part. The goal is to make the hair appear to be falling off the head.

The center or side

It is when the closure is already separated in one direction, and you can only wear the closure parted in that location. Simply place the part on the side of your head rather than in the center if you want to wear a side part.

The three-part closure

A closure is a patch of hair that covers the forehead and is made to resemble the scalp while providing complete protection for excellent hair! What is meant by a three-way part closure? It implies that there are three components to the closure. You have a variety of possibilities for hair portions thanks to one in the center, one on the left, and one on the right. Get the three-part Beauty Forever conclusion right away.

Another thing you want to be aware of is that a three-part is highly practical and may offer you a distinctive appearance; you would like to attempt a braid design. However, it doesn’t always appear very natural because the other pieces occasionally just pop out while you’re attempting to conceal them. Then, you may attempt shaping curtain bangs or any other kind of restyling to fix the issue.

You may have three distinct partings very easily with a three-part. Incomparably easier than any closure before, you may create a variety of hairstyles!

Why Is a Three-Part Lace Closure Required?

lace closure
It is also simple to install and take off.

This style has high-quality hair and is produced to perfection since there are no visible screws or glue lines that cause individuals to feel itchy on their heads and cause humiliation.

This product doesn’t cause hair breakage because the hair may be maintained in its natural state with regular hair creams and sprays and doesn’t need to be treated with chemicals.

It was created to eliminate the long-standing difficulty in matching the natural hair with the weave that women want to wear on their heads. It is also simple to install and take off.

Three-part lace closures: advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages

A three parted closure has the following advantages and disadvantages.


  • Depending on how the installation goes, a three-part will make it simple to shift your portion from side to side.
  • Depending on the technology utilized, it will make it a little easier for the stylist to attach.
  • Simplifies “keeping up with their three-part” for the client.
  • It is less expensive (about $30 less than silk), easier to mount, lasts longer, does not shed as much as silk-based, has a less obvious “demarcation line” (where the closure begins), and looks well on scalps of all colors.


  • Knots must be bleached or covered with makeup to resemble a scalp.
  • These closures may not make installation simpler for certain people. In reality, they make it far more difficult. I’m limited to one or three set pieces that don’t appear natural. even when they are expertly placed.
  • The pre-part needs to be precisely aligned with where the customer wants their part to go before the stylist can sew the three-part in place. It looks horrible if it isn’t exactly aligned during installation!

How Should You Maintain Your Three Part Closures?

How Should You Maintain Your Three Part?

You ought to carry out the three-part closure

The first tip for purchasing (and wearing) lace closure wigs is to have some knowledge of what you’re doing. A hat may be turned by anybody and left on for the day, but it cannot be taken off by anyone.

Closure in three steps using a wide-tooth comb to gently brush your hair Brush the hair gently starting at the ends and working your way up to the root. Before combing, keep the hair at the root to get rid of the shade.

Whenever you clean your virgin hair, use a medium-shampoo. Using shampoos devoid of sulfates since sulfates would be ineffective on the weave closure. Utilize a good conditioner to maintain your hair sleek and untangled. More information about cleaning human weft hair extensions may be found here.

Add a moisturizing conditioner following every shampoo and deep conditioner. Particularly the Brazilian weave will respond to thorough conditioning, mending the cuticle and restoring smoothness and luster because they are created from actual human hair.

In order to secure your hair bundles while you sleep, use a silk scarf. As a result, there will be less friction and no movement of your three-part at night.

The three-part closure is not something you can perform

Be careful not to pull, scrape, or handle it in an aggressive manner. These are the main reasons for balding and they will cause more harm than benefit.

Heavy hair products should not be used directly to the closure as this might harm the actual item. Use sparingly as using too much gels, lotions, oils, or mousse will damage your hair and produce knots.

When drying your hair, use a towel to gently pat it dry rather than rubbing.

Avoid often using a three-part on your hair to create a hairdo that doesn’t need heat because doing so might harm your lace frontal closure. Use a ductile, soft roller to curl your babies’ hair.


You will inevitably overlook something, like

  • Decide on a haircut that best suits your face, skin tone, and preferences; the more natural it seems, the more attractive you will be. Why not?
  • Keep in mind to do everything you can to take care of your three-part; just treat it like a baby.
  • The times of closures will change. New growth cannot be stopped from establishing itself. The closure may be fixed without obtaining a new install, although these are not designed to be worn for extended periods of time.

In Conclusion

Unihair closures guarantee that your hair products on your head will seem natural. The closure is constructed from virgin human hair in its entirety. No shedding, no tangles. Whatever you’re looking for, Unihair offers a wide variety of styles including Brazilian straight, Peruvian body wave, Malaysian kinky curly, Indian deep wave, and more. Both the free part and the three-part are widely used in the market.

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