Single Drawn Hair

The roots of hair are cut equal (No short hair shorter 15cm) length hair is not secure for all strands and about 50% shorter length hairs in one bundle.

Therefore, the thickness will be maximum at the tip and slightly decrease toward the ends. This type has short hair inside each bundle (have 15 cm – 20 cm short hair inside)

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Raw Hair Extensions | Styles: Straight – Wavy – Curly

Weft Hair Extensions| Styles: Straight – Wavy – Curly

Single drawn hair high quality 

The roots of hair are cut equal (no short hair shorter 25cm) similar to single drawn hair but this kind hair will be thicker at the hair tail than single drawn hair style.

Single drawn hair very high quality

The roots of hair are cut equal (No short hair from 25cm, fuller) this hair sort has the length of strands more stable. There are less short hairs along the way. The tails are thicker than above types

These types have the same weight so if the kind looks thin at the tail, the tip will be thicker than others.

Double drawn hair

The thickness is full and stable in all bundle length. No short hair inside and more full end than single drawn hair (no have 20 cm short hair inside)

Shorter hairs are eliminated by hand, not machine. At least 90% the hair is of length so that the tips are really thick.

It is higher quality hair and more expensive, because the shorter lengths are removed from the bundle before the extensions are made. This is why our human hair looks thick at the ends and not piece.

Super double drawn hair

It’s the highest quality hair. And is Unihair pride

>>F.A.Q About Remy Virgin Hair Extension

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