Summer is here and so are the hair color trends to go along with the seasonal vibes. In 2017, experiment with bold colors, go for stylish blonde or turn in to a brunette. The use of colorful hair extensions with virgin hair is also in trend.

100% Vietnamese hair is known for its best quality natural hair, used widely these days by hair color lovers. Check out these 5 latest hair color trends that can be achieved with natural hair or acquired human hair.

Golden Blonde

Get a makeover to the trending golden blonde in the hot summers. Enhance the look with some highlights and low lights using platinum blonde wavy extensions.

You can also get the blonde look at home by selecting two dyes of the same brand. Do this if you understandcolor tone mixing or get assistance from an expert who can help you choose the colors.

Usually, ash and gold with the right tones are needed for this combination. Mix the dyes and work your way up till the roots.These days, the Vietnamese hair is utilized by fashion followers just like celebs.

Brown Color

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Brown color hair is also quite hot this summer. Bronzed brunette is one of the shades that can suit any skin tone. Truffle brunette is a new color that is trending now. If you do not want to dye hair then why not try 100% unprocessed hair.

Unprocessed hair is basically natural hair that is not at all treated with any chemicals and can give you the natural hair look that you desire. Mahogany is a brownish red shade that you can try with the unprocessed hair.

For the brunette look, Chocolate brown is another color in trend.


The ombre effect gives you a nice summer look with a choice of 2 shades. In ombre hair styling, the bottom hair gets a lighter shade and the top hair gets a darker shade.

Since ombre is easy to maintain, many people prefer to go for this look. Another new trend is the reverse look where darker shades are applied at the tips and lighter one on the top.

For summer 2017, you can choose the aqua shades of dark and light blue shade for the beach. Celebs have been showing off their ombre hair styles with weft hair too.


Being a versatile shade, the honey shade suits most skin types. A shade made popular by celebs like Beyoncé, the honey hair color is created using light brown and blonde shades together.

Honey blonde is darker than golden blonde color. You can also go for a light honey blonde. A long bleaching process is required to dye black or other dark color hair. The bleaching process can damage your hair’s texture.

If you still want the shade without losing your hair’s quality, you can look for alternatives. 100% human haircan be bought to get this style for special occasions.

Copper Strawberry

It is a perfect color for locks in red and the ones with pale pink skin.It’s a shade that comes somewhere in between red and blonde.

To set the base, apply dark copper base with hues of golden blonde. Add around the hairline a pale golden blonde shade. Bayalage the shade at the ends with subtle highlights.

Finish it by giving an allover application of golden blonde gloss to get the strawberry blonde color. Maintain the balance of the shades by adding copper and gold in right proportions.

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