Halo Hair Extensions with Golden Blonde Mixed Color Straight Hair

– Hair Material: 100% Vietnamese Human Hair
– Hair Texture: Straight hair
– Hair Color: Golden Blonde Mixed Color
– Hair Length: From 8 inches to 30 inches
– Weight: About 100-120 gram/pcs

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Hair is always a symbol of beauty and personal confidence, and to help you shine without having to wait, we would like to introduce the Halo Hair Extensions product line from the Unihair brand. With a commitment to using 100% human hair, we offer a groundbreaking solution for those who want full, attractive hair in seconds.

Halo Hair Extensions

Halo Hair Extensions offer a convenient and quick way to transform your appearance. They don’t require special techniques or complicated tools to apply, and you can style them with confidence and express yourself uniquely. With raw materials from real hair, we create smooth and natural hair, perfect to enhance your personal beauty.

Type Halo Hair Extensions
Hair Material 100% Vietnamese Human Hair
Hair Texture Straight Hair
Hair Quality 1. No shedding, no tangles, no chemical treatment, adequate cuticles, and keep the line.

2. Soft, smooth and silky

3. No lice, no nits or egg shells

4. Can keep the texture after washing and keep the texture for 3 years

5. Can be ironed and dyed, even bleached

Hair Color Golden Blonde Mixed Color
Hair Length From 16 inches to 22 inches
Weight 140g/pcs

What Sets Our Halo Hair Extensions Apart?

Our Halo Hair Extensions stand out for a multitude of reasons, making them the go-to choice for those seeking hair enhancement that’s both convenient and beautiful:

Easy and Quick Application: One of the standout features of our Halo Hair Extensions is their effortless application. Unlike traditional extensions, there’s no need for complicated bonding or tape.

Damage-Free: Traditional extensions can potentially harm your natural hair, but our Halo Extensions are gentle and non-invasive. They avoid any direct contact with your hair, reducing the risk of damage or stress on your strands.

Comfort and Lightweight: Comfort is a priority with our Halo Extensions. They are lightweight and designed to sit comfortably on your head without causing tension or discomfort, even with extended wear.

Natural-Looking Results: The 100% real human hair used in our Halo Extensions ensures a natural and seamless blend with your own hair. The result is a stunning, undetectable transformation.

Versatile Styling: Whether you desire straight and sleek or luscious curls, our Halo Extensions can be styled to match your preferred look. The flexibility they offer is unmatched.

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Packaging Details: Hair is packed in a strong box, protected from shock and rough handling and suitable for long-distance transport.

Shipping Method: DHL, UPS, Agents,…

Payment: Western Union, Money Gram, Bank transfer, T/T, Paypal, USDT,…

Delivery time: 5 – 7 days after payment received

Return policy: We accept return within 30 days, please make sure that the hair hasn’t been used or damaged. If the items you received are defective, please contact us first.




It’s essential for your hair stylist to assist you in determining the ideal hair extension length for a seamlessư, natural appearance. The golden rule to remember is to avoid choosing extensions significantly longer than your current hair length.

If your hair is too short, blending extremely long extensions can be challenging, leading to a choppy and conspicuous outcome. We’ve all witnessed some hair extension mishaps, and they’re certainly not a flattering sight.

Please note: We have provided a handy chart to estimate hair length. Keep in mind that curly and wavy extensions tend to be 1-2 inches shorter than straight hair of the same stated length. Our chart helps you figure out where your hair will fall on your head. It’ll appear longer if placed towards the nape.


Preserving the condition of your Halo Hair Extensions is paramount for their lasting beauty. Here’s a brief guide to maintain them:

Delicate Cleansing: Opt for a sulfate-free shampoo and lukewarm water when washing your Halo Extensions. Gentle lathering is key, moving from top to bottom to prevent tangles.

Considerate Conditioning: Apply conditioner from mid-length to tips, excluding the weft. Allow the conditioner to sit for a few minutes before a thorough rinse.

Handle with Tact: To prevent tangling, employ a wide-tooth comb or a specialized extension brush. Commence detangling from the ends, working upward with patience.

Mindful Drying: After washing, gently pat your extensions with a towel to remove excess moisture. Air drying is preferable; either hang them or lay them flat on a clean surface. Refrain from direct heat from a hairdryer or styling tools on the weft to prevent damage.

Heat Styling Preparations: If opting for heat styling, always utilize a heat protectant spray and confirm that temperature settings are safe.

Safekeeping: When not in use, store your Halo Extensions in a cool, dry environment, ideally by hanging to maintain their shape and prevent tangling.


  1. What Assurances Can I Have in Your Company?

Reputation: Unihair is a well-established brand with a strong presence in Vietnam and a global footprint that includes the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Central America.

Quality Commitment: The company places a strong emphasis on product quality, sourcing hair from Vietnamese and ethnic minority communities in Vietnam. This ensures that all their hair is either virgin or remy, collected through natural cutting methods. Their slogan, “Pure product, Real price,” highlights their dedication to delivering high-quality hair at affordable prices.

Direct Factory Advantage: Unihair’s direct factory approach allows for competitive pricing and quality control from start to finish.

  1. Your Halo Hair Extensions products are truly of good quality?

The superior quality of Halo Hair Extensions is a result of their commitment to using 100% human hair. This emphasis on real human hair ensures a natural look and feel, setting it apart from synthetic alternatives. Customers can trust that they are investing in genuine human hair extensions, making Halo Hair Extensions a top choice for those seeking authenticity and quality.

  1. Can I use Halo Hair Extensions when playing sports, swimming, or jogging?

Halo Hair Extensions are versatile and suitable for an active lifestyle. They can be worn while swimming, and their lightweight design makes them comfortable for sports and jogging. However, ensuring a secure attachment is crucial during physical activities to prevent shifting.

  1. Does using Halo Hair Extensions cause itching or allergies?

Halo Hair Extensions are typically designed and manufactured with human hair, making them a natural and hypoallergenic choice. However, some individuals may experience mild itching or discomfort, especially if they have sensitive scalps or allergies. To minimize the risk of irritation, it’s essential to maintain good hygiene and ensure that the extensions are securely attached. If any discomfort persists, it’s advisable to remove the extensions and consult a professional. Overall, while rare, itching or allergies can occur, but preventive measures can help mitigate these issues.

  1. Can I style my hair using Halo Hair Extensions?

Halo Hair Extensions can be styled similarly to natural hair, allowing for various styling options. You can straighten, curl, or add volume to your hair with heat styling tools, giving you the flexibility to achieve your desired look. However, it’s essential to use heat protectants and follow proper styling techniques to maintain the extensions’ quality. This versatility in styling makes Halo Hair Extensions a convenient choice for those looking to enhance their hairstyles with ease.

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