Are you too busy working and don’t have enough time to find some good ideas for your new hairstyle from the natural one? Don’t worry, there are a few of them that we will share with you today.

Freedom Afro

Firstly, make sure your hair is wet – then curl them to keep them curly. This hairstyle suits well with some festive accessories. There you go, ready to join the fun at Christmas time.

Reindeer Bun

If you are working at a school or a kindergarten, the kids will love you with this hairstyle. What you need to do is to prepare some little colorful things, and attach them on your hair bun to form a cute Reindeer. Superb for Christmas holiday.

Halo Braid

This is just simply a classical hairstyle. By using hair extensions, you can add some lengths for your braids. Finishing by tightening your braids’ ends using boby pins, remember to lay your edges properly. When joining the Christmas party, this is a good way to protect your natural hair braid.

Spicy Cornrows

Be different with this unique hairstyle! Ask a professional hairstylist to help you achieve the best result. As long as you accept a little risk, it’s worth trying.

Twist Out

To make this hairstyle, you need to be pretty patient – because it will take a lot of time to finish. But, your efforts will be paid worthfully. This fun and bubbly hairstyle is perfect for all occasions. If you don’t have enough time for your hair to settle in, you can moisturize your hair the night before.

Bantu Knots

You can consider a bantu knot as a protective style, or a 90s look making a super fashionable look. But yes it is also pretty risky for your hair. Remember that you will define clearlier after styling with smaller bantu knots.

Twisted Crown

Twisted Crown is another protective hairstyle. You can start braiding your hair from the back toward the front as it’s easier. For a holiday look, try braiding your hair with a festive ribbon – this will create a great festive look.

Slick Back Bun

You’ve seen it walking down runways and red carpets, plastered on the front of magazines, and even strutting down the street: That’s right, we’re talking about the season’s hottest must-wear hairstyle—the Slick Back Bun. This hairstyle looks very nice and elegant.

Perm Rod Set

Using perm rods, you can make the most perfectly defined hair curls. Short natural hair beauties wear rod sets for work and play. However, medium and long natural hair are easier to manipulate to form these curly tresses. Women like styles that give curly hair some bounce and volume. This is one of the great choices for your Christmas season.

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