Top Vietnam Hair Factory In The United States – Hair for the US market must be imported straight from a Vietnamese hair production vendor.

Top Greatest Vietnam hair factory in the United States

Currently, people have become quite into hair extensions, making the Vietnam hair factory more famous. The deliciously amazing surface of Vietnamese hair made it stand out. The top well-known Vietnam hair factory in the United States are among the most fascinating things to learn about. Spending less time and money on products that are of poor quality and buying the wrong ones instead. Alternately, put in a lot of time and effort to find Vietnamese suppliers who will sell amazing items for you. We’ll demonstrate some of these stuff for you right now!

Things concerning Vietnamese hair factories you should understand

Vietnam hair extensions have certain characteristics
Things concerning Vietnamese hair factories you should understand

Do you ever wonder why many hairdressers and hair stores find Vietnamese hair from Vietnam hair factories to be so alluring? After conducting a survey of professionals who rate Vietnamese hair factories. We will present a thorough justification for why Vietnamese hair factories are so well-liked by many wholesalers and overseas businesses.

Which hair does the Vietnamese Hair Factory utilize?

Vietnamese hair is frequently used in the creation of Vietnamese hair factories. Vietnamese Hair is acquired from Vietnamese women donors and is 100 percent human natural hair. It has three hair grades: single drawn hair, double drawn hair, and super double hair. Vietnamese hair from a Vietnamese hair vendor has strong natural strands and a high level of durability. Making Vietnamese hair one of the most popular hairstyles to invest in among wholesale hair sellers worldwide.

The major hair products produced by the Vietnam hair company

The major hair products produced by the Vietnam hair company
The major hair products produced by the Vietnam hair company

Are you interested to know what the most popular and best-selling hair kinds at the Vietnamese hair factory are and if they have the kind of hair extensions you want? Immediately, we will find out!

Material from the Vietnam Hair Factory made with Vietnamese hair

100% real human hair, obtained from healthy Vietnamese donors, is used to make Vietnamese hair. It is commonly known that Vietnam hair factories supply hair to a lot of salons and resellers that have recently begun their hair businesses. Vietnamese hair is long, thick, and silky, and it doesn’t tangle or shed. It also has a high level of resilience and looks excellent with all haircuts and colors.

Hair quality ratings from a Vietnamese hair manufacturer

Vietnamese hair dealers typically utilize one of three primary categories of Vietnamese hair:

  • Single-drawn hair: 45–50% of the hair strands are the same length. The remaining percentage is combined with shorter hair, and it is of poor quality and sold for a low price.
  • Double drawn hair is of exceptional quality and is cost-effective. It has 60–70% hair strands that are of the same length and the remaining strands are mixed. This is also the product that the Vietnamese hair manufacturer sells the most of.
  • Super double drawn hair is the best type and most costly, with 80–90% of the hair being the same length.

There are more classes available for custom orders, including VIP Full Length, which is the best quality and most expensive of the three major grades mentioned above. The majority of the hair in this grade is the same length, ensuring that the hair is full from top to bottom.

In a hair factory in Vietnam, double-drawn hair is the most popular item since it is both very full and reasonably priced.

Vietnamese hair types according to origin

Vietnamese hair factories also categorized the hair into three primary categories in addition to the grades:

  • Vietnamese virgin hair is hair that has been taken only from one person and has undergone no chemical processing in any way.
  • Minimally processed hair from two to three donors is collected for Vietnamese remy hair, which is then combed uniformly in one direction by skilled hairdressers.
  • Non-remy hair from Vietnam is a mixture of hair from several donors that has been styled in various ways.

As you can see, Vietnamese Virgin Hair is of the greatest quality and costs the most. Whereas Non-Remy Vietnamese Hair is of the lowest quality and cost, and Vietnamese hair factories do not offer this. In contrast, owing to its excellent quality and affordable pricing, Vietnamese Remy Hair from a factory in Vietnam is the most popular with wholesalers (not too expensive or too cheap). The similarity in structure and color between these three varieties of Vietnamese hair is what causes such a variance between them. This keeps Vietnamese hair from tangling and sheds less, and it also results in reduced shedding when bleaching or dying Vietnamese hair to a different tone.

Vietnamese hair factory’s customer base

Africa (Ghana, South Africa,…) and Americans make up the majority of the customer market for Vietnamese hair wholesalers. The majority of the clients engage in the hair industry, including operating salons, styling hair, and selling and buying wholesale and retail hair extensions.

Our customer base is growing as Vietnamese hair becomes more and more well-liked every day due to expectations of high-quality hair at a reasonable price and excellent service. Any social media platform, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others, makes it easy to identify a Vietnam hair manufacturer. Moreover, you may use WhatsApp to speak with the sales manager in real time.

How Do You Choose A Trustworthy Vietnam Hair Factory in the United States As Your Supplier?

A Trustworthy Vietnam Hair Factory

Before deciding how to purchase hair from a Vietnam hair factory in the United States, there are a few simple measures you can take to identify the top Vietnam hair factory in the United States and manufacturers in the country. A few of these include:

  • Search engines such as Google and Yahoo, which house the majority of Vietnamese hair factories in Vietnam and get their products there
  • Make sure that this Vietnam hair company is really strong on social media by taking the time to inspect their website, Instagram, and Testimonials videos from consumers.
  • Request to arrange a video call to visit their factory when you contact a Vietnamese hair factory using their Whatsapp hotline (this way to confirm that they are not scammers )
  • Request that they show you examples of their work and pricing lists so you can contrast them to those of other hair vendors once you’ve established your first level of trust that these Vietnamese hair factory sellers are genuine.
  • Find the most suitable Vietnam hair factory in the United States for you by comparing a variety of hair wholesalers.

Best wholesale Vietnam hair factory in the United States

Hairvietnam is a reliable Vietnamese hair manufacturer

Hairvietnam is a reliable Vietnamese hair manufacturer

Hairvietnam is another Vietnamese hair wholesale source to look up on the list of top hair supply brands. They work hard to offer the best human hair extensions to hair salons and shops throughout the globe. Famous Vietnamese hair provider Hairvietnam has had a production license ever since they first entered the hair industry. They hold a dominant position in the market for human hair extensions and are constantly looking for ways to raise the standard of hair.

Beautiful hair vietnam 

Beautiful hair vietnam

One of the wholesale suppliers of human hair extensions, Beautiful Hair offers hair in a range of tones, lengths, thicknesses, and textures. The raw hair producer specializes in selling large and bulk hair extensions at reduced prices. Customers can choose between 6 to 32 inch long bulk, mass, tips, tape, weft, and clasp in hair augmentations. Additionally, Beautiful Hair also sells various hair accessories including clip-in hair, hair closures, and ponytails.

The Unihair hair factory is the greatest in Vietnam

The Unihair hair factory
The Unihair hair factory is the greatest in Vietnam.

One of the top companies that manufactures and distributes hair extensions globally is Unihair Investment Company Limited. The company continually tries to deliver complete fulfillment during the course of its long years of operation. And it has become one of the greatest virgin hair businesses in Vietnam.

With key partners from several countries, including Germany, Israel, Ukraine, the United States, Italy, Argentina, France, Brazil, etc., Unihair had successfully built a reputation for themselves and a competitive position in the worldwide market. Over the years, we engaged in a great deal of hair-related research and business. The top weaving firm is able to fully know the needs and expectations of our customers.

In Conclusion

The Vietnam hair factory in the United States is crucial to deciding the success of your business because the hair industry is both a potentially lucrative and incredibly complex one. You can reduce needless risks and problems in the importation of hair from Vietnamese hair manufacturers by purchasing from the hair suppliers on the above list.

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