Vietnamese Raw hair bundles will be a better and more affordable option if you don’t need to prepare your hair extensions.

Vietnam Extensions with Raw Hair The Primary Option For Superiors

For a long amount of time, Vietnamese hair manufacturers’ raw hair has earned a reputation as the best hair on the global market. Vietnamese hair extensions are becoming increasingly popular among hair dealers who were previously focused on Chinese and Indian hair.

What is the explanation of this template? How are Vietnam’s raw hair extensions able to grab the public’s interest so much? This essay will answer every one of these queries. With more than 7 years of expertise in the international hair business and thorough study, the author will keep you informed of the most pertinent facts regarding Vietnam’s raw hair as well as trade secrets for your success in this competitive marketplace.

Vietnam extensions definition raw hair

Vietnam extensions definition raw hair

Raw hair Vietnam extensions are made by Vietnamese women and are of the highest quality. The hair is donor-provided, 100% human natural hair that has not undergone any physical or chemical processing. Due to the long-standing custom in the nation, Vietnamese raw hair can be found in a variety of lengths, but is typically 20′′ and longer. For additional details, you may learn about how hair extensions were produced in Vietnam.

Vietnam extensions with high-quality raw hair

Vietnam extensions with high-quality raw hair
Vietnam extensions with high-quality raw hair

There are two major quality levels for raw hair Vietnam extensions: from a single donor and from several donors.

Virgin hair

The greatest raw hair extensions from Vietnam that originate from a single individual are virgin hair. Because they are so uncommon, these hair extensions are highly expensive. Virgin hair can be used for coloring, styling, or bleaching, which is why people seek it. The hair has a cuticle aligned and can last as long as raw hair could, which is around 3-5 years depending on how customers use it.

Unprocessed hair from various donors

The majority of hair on the market is raw hair from several donors, unlike virgin hair. Due to its efficacy in use, this quality level is among the most popular among users. Although it cannot be bleached to produce extremely vivid hues like 613, platinum, etc., it may be colored and styled for a lengthy period of time, up to three years. Notably, because the raw hair Vietnam extensions from the Unihair business originates from just a few donors, it may be bleached to a blond tint.

Typical qualities of Vietnam hair extensions made from raw hair

Typical qualities of Vietnam hair extensions made from raw hair

Due to genetic considerations, raw hair Vietnam extensions are often straight. Additionally, raw hair Vietnam extensions have a natural jet black color since black melanin is the natural color for Asian people’s hair. Due to its silkiness, thickness, and strong fibers compared to hair from other sources, Vietnamese hair is extremely popular among hair retailers worldwide.


Vietnamese unprocessed hair is extremely silky and may pass easily through human hands. Like other hairstyles from other wholesale hair providers, Vietnamese people’s natural hair does not require any specific combing techniques. The primary factor that sets it apart from other hair from China or India is this characteristic.

Strength and thickness

Raw hair Vietnam extensions are renowned for being thick enough. People won’t feel uncomfortable wearing their hair every day because it isn’t very thick. Because of the kind of life that Vietnamese women lead, Vietnamese human hair is very robust. Vietnamese women in the nation’s mountainous regions follow a healthy, balanced diet, which helps them stay sound and in good physical shape.

Beautiful long hair

Long natural hair is a given with Vietnamese raw hair. Given that Vietnamese hair is often quite long, it is undoubtedly not synthetic or other little parts of hair together. It’s so well-known that Newyork daily news covered it. Human hair is a huge business in Vietnam, where demand for hair extensions has skyrocketed in recent years. That is due to the enduring custom passed down from earlier generations. Among women, long hair is seen as a symbol of sweetness and attractiveness.

Comparative of raw hair extensions from Vietnam and those from other nations

comparative of raw hair

Where raw hair is from Extensions in Vietnam against other nations

The origin is the most important factor to consider when contrasting Vietnamese hair with hair from other nations. Vietnamese hair is only from human donors who reside in the northern, high-altitude regions. On the other hand, before being exported from India, human hair is obtained from donors at temples. These hairs are imported by Chinese hair producers, who then chemically preserve them. Not to mention how uncommon Chinese human hair is, which motivates them to employ synthetic fibers to keep costs down.

Raw hair’s quality Extensions in Vietnam against other nations

Unquestionably, as compared to other nations, Vietnam offers the best raw hair extensions in terms of quality. The hair is the ideal fusion of the famed Brazilian hair’s exceptional qualities, including its distinctive color and smooth straight form. Contrarily, Chinese hair extensions are typically made of blended hair and synthetic fibers. Indian hair extensions are gathered from a wide variety of unidentified sources. Because of this, using Chinese and Indian hair extensions is not even safe, let alone effective for business.

The cost of raw hair extensions in Vietnam compared to other nations

The cost of raw hair extensions from Vietnam is a plus. While the quality of Brazilian hair extensions is no better than Vietnamese hair extensions, you don’t need to pay a lot of money to purchase them. It’s even more reasonable with the pricing from the K-Hair manufacturer, which is sourced straight from the factory in Vietnam. Chinese and Indian hair are quite inexpensive compared to other low-quality hair products.

Vietnam extension utilization and preservation instructions

Using raw hair extensions from Vietnam

Some things to keep in mind are provided as guidelines when utilizing raw hair Vietnam extensions.

  • Avoid over-brushing the hair as this might cause the fibers’ protective coating to come out. Use hair care products to maintain your hair healthy and fresh instead.
  • Using hats with broad brims to shield hair from sunlight Sunlight’s UVA and UVB rays can seriously harm hair.
  • The greatest approach to maintaining healthy hair is to let it dry naturally. The knots in the extension might become damaged by too much heat from the hairdryer.

Maintaining raw hair extensions from Vietnam

  • You are encouraged to spread out the hair extensions before bed to prevent tangling.
  • After being cut from the donor hair, your hair extensions are highly sensitive, so avoid using chemicals on them.
  • Regularly check the condition of your hair extensions at the store, and get any issues corrected right away.

How can raw hair extensions from Vietnam be successful?

raw hair extensions

  • Get a reputable hair supply and knowledgeable professional guidance as your first two steps. They will support you not just as a supplier but also as a companion by your side who may offer helpful counsel in times of need.
  • Step 2: Identify your consumers and their requirements in order to import the best candidate. One typical way to learn about your customers’ demands is to conduct a company survey.
  • Get a reliable supply of products and prevent disruptions in step three. Otherwise, you risk losing your clients because the hair industry is a very competitive one.

In Conclusion

In summary, clients frequently choose raw hair Vietnam extensions because of their superior qualities and affordable pricing. Utilizing hair care products and working with Vietnamese hair will offer you the best chance to grow and succeed in the cutthroat industry.

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