What does “Grade” mean in human hair extensions classification? Which of them is the best?

When deciding to buy one or some virgin human hair extensions, many customers have wondered about the hair grades. So what is the difference between them? Are they much different from the others? These questions will be answered in the few paragraphs below. And hopefully it’s going to help you make your decisions easier next time you buy human hair extensions.

You have probably seen or heard about the grading system of human hair weave if buying online. But you should know that there are a few things different among Grade 5A, Grade 6A and Grade 7A. We will point them out for you as it’s very important when you decide to buy hair weaves online or at local shops in Vietnam.

Grade 5A Hair Extension

Grade 5A can be an absolute virgin human hair that hasn’t been parted with any artificial compounds. Normally, you are able to dye with this sort of hair. However, The maximum colors that grade 5A hair can accept is only 6, and you need to be very skillful at dyeing to get the best result with your hair. The lifespan of grade 5A is normally from 10 to 12 months depending on how well you take care of it. It’s oftenly cheaper a lot in comparison with grade 7A hair but you may be disappointed as it’s shedding a lot as well.

Grade 6A Hair Extension

Grade 6A is better than grade 5A in quality. It lasts longer and accepts more dyes than grade 5A. The maximum colors you can use on it is around 27, yet it still needs your dyeing skill to get the best result. The lifespan of this sort of hair is about 1 year if you take care of it properly. The price is fairly cheap, so grade 6A is very popular with customers with average income. But if you have serious demands with hair extensions like dyeing or treating just like your own natural hair, this grade 6A may disappoint you.

Grade 7A Hair Extension

It’s the best among those we’ve listed in quality. The maximum colors you can use on it is up to 613 – it’s a huge number compared to the previous two. Grade 7A is absolutely unprocessed and hasn’t been mixed with any artificial compounds. The lifespan of this sort of hair is from 3 – 4 years with proper care, so yes it gives you good value for money.

So we’ve done with comparing grade 5A, grade 6A, and grade 7A human hair extensions. Now it’s your turn to choose the most suitable one for you.

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