Do you want your virgin hair extensions to last long?

Then get ready to embrace the care guidelines which your hairstylist would share with you. Some of these quick but essential guidelines are explained below.

1. Equip yourself with the right knowledge: You have to understand whether you would use human or synthetic hair extensions. Remember, the texture of your hair extensions would determine how you take care of them and also how long would they last.

2. Understand the importance of brushing your hair correctly: You should prevent your extensions from getting tangled and thus use a brush which would have soft bristles in it. It is best to start brushing your hair from the bottom and then slowly move upwards. You should slowly brush your hair. Otherwise they might start looking messy.

3. Wash your hair with care: One of the simplest routine for taking care of your hair extensions is to wash them carefully. You should tilt your hair back a little when washing them and never wash them by flipping them over the basin. Use a good quality shampoo and then condition your hair sparingly.

4. Leave your hair to dry naturally: Once you have washed your hair, you should leave it to dry naturally. This would help you to keep it free from unnecessary tangles which might occur.

5. Store them in a secure manner: If you are using a remy hair extension which enjoys a clip-in feature, you should store them in a container which is air-tight in nature. This simple trick would help you to use these quality extensions for longer periods and also keep them free of dust.

6. Safeguard them from sunlight: If your hair extensions comprise mainly of raw hair extension variety then you would need to protect it from the harsh rays of sunlight. If you are going out during summer or visiting the beach, it would be advisable to wear a hat or cover your head with a soft cloth.

Hopefully, after you have followed the above care guidelines, very soon people will be admiring your lustrous healthy locks and you will love every moment of it.


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