Using virgin hair extensions, you can change your look and have a chance to try out many new hairstyles. Suprise to know, the longest lasting extensions are from Vietnam. You can wear them for two years or even longer. Many women are now wearing virgin hair extensions, and some of them curious about whether it’s possible to safely dye or bleach the virgin hair extensions.

So, is that possible to dye virgin hair extensions? The answer is yes.

Anything you do to your natural hair, you can also do with virgin hair extensions – not just dying but even cutting, heat styling and several other things. A lot of people dye or bleach their extensions because they want to get the extensions’ color to blend well with their natural hair. There are a few things that you should notice when dying or bleaching your virgin hair extensions:

Test on a part of your hair first. Before you bring to dye the entire hair extensions, you should firstly test on a small part of it. The color you see when you mix the dye may be different from the color after you’ve had applied it to your hair. So, just grab a small part of the hair and apply the dye, then watch carefully at the end result. If you please with that, you can continue to apply the dye for on the rest of your hair.

The best type of weaves for dyeing is virgin hair extensions. Dyeing is a chemical processed thing, so it will do some damage to your hair. This damage will be minimal on virgin Remy hair extensions because they have not been chemically processed. With non-Remy hair extensions, they have been chemically treated, so all the strand had been stripped and became very weak. As advised by experts, you shouldn’t try to dye them as they are too weak to be dyed.

You may have to dye many times to get your hair extensions to become lighter. To dye natural black extensions to a lighter color like blonde or light brown, firstly you have to strip the hair of its color. Then you must bleach the hair to the color you want. This may take multiple times of application to get the color you wish. Remember to always test on a small part of your hair before applying it to the entire hairs.

Notice that strong chemicals can strip and damage your hair extensions, just like the way the do with natural hair. And sometime it can’t be repaired. Vietnam virgin human hair extensions have the layer intact of the cuticle, giving the hair its natural shine and body. Your extensions can be weaken if you use on them strong chemical dyes.

Virgin hair extensions from Vietnam are available in many colors for you to choose from. Now you can quickly and safely change your hair color with hair extensions, lace closure, and lace frontals.

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