Hair Extensions – popular beauty method today. Hair extensions are a reflection of people’s rising desire to put together an alluring appearance and express their particular style in a variety of ways. Let’s discuss the definition of hair extensions and their aesthetics with Unihairvn.

Introduction to Hair Extensions and their role in the beauty’s world

Hair extensions are the ways to extend hair by using wigs to make it longer, thicker, or a different color. Real hair or synthetic materials can be used to make hair extensions. Virgin hair is typically used to make real hair extensions, which results in higher-quality products. 

A range of techniques, including heat-glue, stitching, and clip-on extensions, can be used to secure hair extensions to the hair. Hair extensions are used to increase hairstyle diversity, giving consumers fresh appearances and greater confidence.

3 Types of Hair Extensions at Unihairvn

Hair extensions products at the unihairvn’s store
Hair extensions products at the unihairvn’s store

Clip-in hair extensions

This type of hair extensions is the most widely used and simplest to use. It is made out of hairs fastened to already-existing clips. Without assistance from a professional, users may effortlessly connect or detach these strands from their natural hair. 

For quick hairdo changes, such as those for special events, clip-in hair extensions are a good option. Currently, Unihairvn is available Double Drawn Straight with two colors black and white


Double-sided scissors are used to apply these hair extensions to the hair. A little patch of the natural hair is first bonded to before the hair fiber is fastened to it. The sensation of tape-in hair extensions is natural and pleasant, and they may be worn without needing to be altered or adjusted for a considerable amount of time. The store has all 3 types of hair extensions including invisible type, normal type, and stiched tape for customers to easily choose the right style.

U/I/V Tips

These hair extensions are connected to the hair with the use of heat pipes or needles. The hairs are separated into little bundles, which are then heated or fastened with forceps to natural hair. U/I/V Tips hair extensions are appropriate for individuals who wish to preserve and use them for a long time because of their excellent stability and endurance. 

Details about U/I/V Tips of Unihairvn
Details about U/I/V Tips of Unihairvn

All of Unihairvn’s hair extension models are made from 100 percent actual Vietnamese hair, which is a unique characteristic that cannot be found anywhere else. The majority of Vietnamese girls have long, thick hair that is smooth. 

Their hair is usually flexible and soft and especially Unihairvn chooses only the original hair sections that are not affected by dyes. You may be surprised when knowing that Unihairvn hair material offers incredibly high quality at incredibly low prices.

Care advice for hair extensions

To maintain hair extensions in peak shape and extend their life, careful and regular maintenance is crucial. You can use the following methods to maintain your hair extensions:

Brush your hair properly: Comb the hair extensions’ hair using a comb made of a soft material, such as a wooden comb or a special hair comb. Instead of pulling or brushing every hair at once, start at the tips of your hair and gently work your way through tiny parts. By doing this, tangling and breakage are reduced.

Use the proper cleaning supplies and keep it clean: Use a shampoo and conditioner devoid of sulfates and alcohol to wash hair extensions. Avoid using conditioner at the roots and ends of your hair; just use it on the ends. 

Limit the use of hair dryers, heat brushes, and other high-heat styling equipment to prevent exposure to extreme temperatures. The hair strands in hair extensions can become tangled or damaged by excessive heat.

Protect your hair while you sleep by making loose curls or a loose bun before you go to bed to stop the knots from becoming twisted or broken. If you want to prevent friction and damaging effects on your hair, choose a soft silk towel or pillowcase.

No self-cutting or use of scissors Take care not to pull or cut your own hair extensions. Visit Unihairvn for assistance and cut your hair safely if you feel the need to change it.

Choosing Unihairvn – Making your hair shine

With extensive knowledge and skill, our team will guide clients in selecting Hair Extensions goods that are suitable for their needs and personal preferences. We pledge to provide our clients with superior products and expert services in order to ensure their complete pleasure.

The above article is a collection of useful information about the keyword hair extension that unihairvn wants to send to you. What are you waiting for without breaking the store’s website right away. Choose a suitable hair extension for yourself to enhance your style.

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