Beauty with hair extensions

Together with the popularity of hair extensions – you now have many various options to customize your hair to a style you wish. The clip in hair extensions is – no doubt – the easiest, fastest and safest way to modify your hair in length, color, volume,… without causing to much damage to them.

Now we will show you how to clips in your hair to create a variety of different trendy and easy hairstyles:

Tied in Knots – Plan to go out at night in a casual clothing? Top knots are superb. It is unimaginably simple and snappy to assemble, yet causing a great effect. In the case that your hair isn’t especially thick or long in nature, clipping would help with adding extra length and volume. This will naturally feature your neck area and any jewelry you may wear.

Form into Plaits – Plaits are actually the perfect hairstyle for most girls, especially with lots of trendy hairstyles you may find easily on YouTube. To plait perfectly with your clip in hair extensions, you may need to practice a lot. Make sure you clip them firmly, and carefully start plaiting from the center then both side, and finally lift them over the head.

Half up and half down – What would a girl do when she can’t decide between wearing her hair up or down? Rock a half updo, of course! Not only they are simple and easy doing, but they are also extremely versatile. Just simply begin with your extensions clipped, then make the hair you wish to stay up stay firmly. Modify it by curling some part of your hair around your face, this will give your face a softer feel.

Waves and Curls – Another nice thing to do with your hair is turning them into many gorgeous wavy hairstyles, even if your hair is not wavy naturally. There are many ways for you to do it: Braiding with your hairs wet and leave them to dry, using hair tongs, or flating iron and twists. You are now able to style your hair as you wish, with the help of clip in hair extensions.

Twists – Twisting is especially efficient when you want to style your hair but you need it to be neated for work. Do the twist with both sides at the front after you had parted your hair, then secure each part at the back.

Clips with different color – If you really want you to be fancy or a bit “naughty” but don’t want to dye your hair, the best options is to clip your hair with some extensions in different color. You may want to try with the red, ’cause it is still the trendy color at the moment. That would be a great idea for a party out.

You may think about having a collection of clip in hair extensions for yourself, in various styles and colors – for all different purposes. Using the right blends at the right time with extensions could bring you a nice unexpected result.

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