Have you been looking at those luscious waves that every celebrity has been sporting recently?

Well, that’s because it’s not just their hair. Very few are blessed with naturally strong and voluminous hair.

In fact, most people suffer from thin and brittle hair. That makes it prone to looking flat and breakage. The longer it is, the thinner and more brittle it will get, especially if you’re working with virgin hair.

The solution that most hairstylists will suggest is to keep your hair short and get a decent human hair extension. That way you’re able to achieve length and volume while keeping your hair healthy. Despite its popularity, people know very little about hair extensions. Even some people already using it still wonder all about it. To help you better understand just how amazing and useful they are, here is the gist of everything hair extension.

What are extensions made of?

It can be made by a variety of things, like human hair or synthetic materials that resemble hair. Regardless of what it’s made, the label should tell you what the hair extensions are made of and what you’re allowed to do with it. If it’s human hair or high-end synthetic hair, you can color it to match your hair and use hear to style it, giving you more versatility. If they’re cheaper clip-on, that might not be a good idea.

Does it stay fixed with the rest of my hair extensions ?

That depends on what kind of hair extension you get. There are clip on which you can put and remove from your hair whenever you want. These come in different colors and are perfect when you want to test out how extensions would look on you. You have to make the effort to apply them every time you want to use them though, so it can be tedious.

You can also opt for a hair weave, which is more permanent because it’s attached to your hair. You don’t have to take them off when sleep and shower, then put them back on in the morning. This stays for a few months until you will need to get them redone.

How long can I keep hair extensions ?

The span time you can keep hair extensions will depend on two factors, 3 if you had them attached: the quality of the hair extension, how you take care of it and how well it was woven in by the stylist. Generally, they last for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of a year.

Do they come in different colors ?

Hair extensions come in a wide range of colors perfect for any shade of hair. They have everything from blonde hair to brunette. There are even brands that stock bright colors, like pink and blue, and colors specific to ethnicities, like Vietnamese hair, which is often jet black.

If you can’t find the color you like or you’re going for mermaid hair, which is ten different colors, you can opt to buy a high-quality hair extension that can be colored. Bear in mind that most brands of hair extensions can be colored darker but not lighter.

Can it damage my hair ?

If your stylist is a professional, no, there’s no chance of that happening. There’s a technique to applying for hair extensions in a very aesthetically pleasing and safe way. It goes the same for when they’re taking it out. If it pulls on your other hair, damages them, or causes breakage, then there was something wrong with the technique used.

If you’re wondering about what can damage hair extensions, then that, again, would depend on what kind of extensions you have. Most organic and real hair extensions can take pretty much anything your hair can. You can pull off any style with it, from straight hair or curly hair. Cheap synthetic ones might get damaged when you apply heat or color them, so read the package and do your research.

These are all the basic things you need to know about hair extensions. They should help you with choosing what to get or what to do with them. If you have other concerns that are more specific, like styling or color suggestions, you can ask a professional stylist for that. They will have the best insight. Hopefully, this article was helpful in sorting all your hair extension-related questions.

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