What is closure?

As simple to understand, a closure is a hairpiece that is normally made of lace or silk, although lace is the far more common choice. The hairpiece is attached to a cornrow base and secured around the perimeter in order to protect your hair and improve its look. Using a closure, you can get a natural look while having a full installation. For those people who want a full installation together with a natural look, but didn’t want to show too much of their hair out or completely hide them – this is amazing.

Lace Closure

As said earlier, many people prefer lace closures, so what are they? Lace closures are hair pieces where hair strands are tied on a lace base. Your hair will look more  natural with lace closures.

But to get the most natural look, you need to do some adjustments on them by bleaching the knots on the closures.

Take a look at your lace closure, you will see that where the hairs are attached there are many knots. The appearance of those knots is really annoying when you look at, just look like ants on a rock – and you definitety don’t want that. It would be great if you can bleach the entire lace closure’s base, but you can just bleach it partly. Depending on how ou want your part to be, you can do just a bleach at the center or at the side, make sure it look more natural after being modified. One other thing you can do is applying concealer to your parting, in order to adjust a lace closure and get the most natural look.

When you take a closer look at a lace closure, the grid-like is quite eye-catching. That is the reason why we should bleach them or adjust them so that they will look more natural.

You may also want to add a flesh tone fabric underneath lace closures. This will help your installation look more natural as it gives the illusion of a normal scalp.

Silk Base Closure

So, what is silk base closure? And what is the difference between silk base closure and lace closure?

A silk base closure is made with the silk base. In this case, all the separate hair strands are attached into the silk layer, but then it also has a lace layer. By doing this, now the knots are not visible as they were hidden by the silk layer. As a result, the closure now look more like a normal scalp when being installed.

Because all the knots are compelety hidden away from your vision, the closure now look much more natural. Again with both of these closures, you can part them anywhere you want with ease. The great benefit of using silk base closures is you’re now no longer have to worry about how to hide all the knots away. Just simply forget about “tweaking” them. But there is still some minor things you need to take notice of, that is the color difference from the silk base. If the your hair’s color is too much different from the silk color, it could be visible. So you may want to tint or dye the silk base so that it has mostly the same color as your own natural scalp. That is a matter to think about.

Because a silk closure is combined by two layers: the lace and the silk, so there would be a small area with no silk, and you can see the grid. It’s about 1/4 inch, just a really tiny area but you should consider when decide to use silk closures.

Now, you can see that both lace closures and silk base closures have their own strengths and weaknesses. And you are the one who decide which one to use, depend on your own personal preference.

Whatever you choose – a lace closure or a silk one, they are all great as long as you happy. Any of them can help if you’re trying to do a full protective style, or giving your leave out a nap. Remember, before you decided to buy, always do research about the product and see other people’s review. This will make sure that your closure is going to work and get the most of what you’re looking for.

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