Remy hair is the most highly recommended type of hair extensions in the market today. 100% remy hair is never tangle, all hair pieces inside a remy hair bundle have the same direction from root to tip, have full cuticle, healthy cuticle, original from women, not re-treated with chemical, not re-dyed, not re-bleached.

The Remy hair weave can be used for a variety of purposes, including lengthening natural hair, adding volume to fine or thinning hair, and adding colors and styles to natural hair without the use of synthetic or artificial chemicals and hair dyes that may have devastating side effects. Although Remy hair is more expensive than other types of artificial hair weaves and extensions, it is the one that is most closely resembles natural human hair, and is therefore the weave of choice for those who are willing to invest more for quality.

Hair weaves and extensions can come in a variety of colors, including those that blend naturally with normal hair such as brown, red, blonde, etc., to those that are completely artificial like pink, green, purple, and many others. Depending on the purpose of attaching a weave or hair extensions, there are thousands of colors and styles to choose from. And of course, when deciding whether to employ the use of either weaves or extensions, it all depends on how much money or effort one is willing to invest in the process.


Remy hair is collected from a hair donor. People who sell their hair for a price actually contribute to the creation of these hair extensions. Unlike other kinds of hair extensions, the hair cuticle – the outermost layer of the hair shaft or the hair strand – is not removed, and great care is taken to make sure that they are aligned in one direction.


Remy hair is widely used in many countries around the world. It is most popular, however, in certain regions in India. South America, Europe, and East Asia have also employed the use of this type of extensions, since the color and texture of this material matches majority of the many cultural and ethnic groups in the world. It is becoming more and more popular nowadays, as the industry escalates. Distribution and manufacture becomes simpler and easier with the use of new technology.


There are two types of these kinds of hair extensions based on how they are made:

Single-drawn hair is collected directly from the hair donor, and is composed of hair strands of varying lengths with the cuticles still intact. This type is sold at a fairly reasonable price, and is of good quality and caliber.

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Double-drawn hair is sorted after collection, making sure that all the cuticles are of the same length. This is the most expensive type, since great effort is needed to sort out individual strands of hair.

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Compared to regular hair, Remy hair has a smoother and healthier appearance. When washed, this type of hair extension does not tangle and become unruly since the natural hair cuticles have been left intact and there hasn’t been much processing done prior to coming up with the finished product. Some other forms of this artificial hair undergo some chemical processing when the intention is to create extensions of varying colors and shades. Of all the kinds of hair extensions available in the market today, this is the most expensive. The reason for such is the special care taken upon manufacturing and the great care needed to maintain its natural shine and appearance.

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