This article’s review of Unihair is the most comprehensive. The leading Vietnamese hair manufacturer, Unihair, will be explained in detail.

Review of Unihair: Everything You Should Recognize About Unihair

In Vietnam right now, Unihair is the top-ranked hair manufacturer. Mr. Jame founded Unihair because he was dedicated to providing his clients with the highest caliber hair. In the world of hair, this supplier has a lot of experience. Everywhere around the planet, it has been a close ally of thousands of people who use hair extensions, hair merchants, and hair salons. Suggest reading our entire Unihair review to learn more about this fantastic hair provider. You’ll realize Unihair is an excellent option for a wholesale hair distributor.

Description of the Unihair factory – A review of Unihair


Company information: Unihair evaluation

Mr. Jame founded Unihair because he was dedicated to providing his clients with the highest caliber hair. He wanted to show the world about Vietnamese human hair for its quality, color, and even services. Through Mr. Jame’s exceptional leadership and insightful vision, Unihair eventually attracted a modest but devoted clientele after going through a number of years of hardships. More than 100 distributors in the USA, Nigeria, South Africa, and Russia were aware of Unihair a few years later.

Over the past few years, this hair vendor has expanded rapidly, becoming a powerful business with a bright and tremendously motivating environment. This brand established itself as a leader in the industry by strategic positioning, branding, and marketing, and is now known as the source for the best Vietnamese hair extensions.

Since a very long time ago, Unihair has been selling hair extensions on the market. It has served as the primary supplier for more than 100 international retailers and wholesalers of hair due to its high reputation and quality. It also demonstrates the company’s prestige since it operates on such a huge scale.

Products of the firm Unihair

Variety of options for hair types and hairstyles

We are all aware that this brand provides hair extensions, but what varieties? All of them are the solution!

When it comes to hair quality, Unihair offers virgin and remy human hair

Virgin human hair refers to hair that has only come from one donor. The best human hair available is of this sort. It may be readily restyled and is quite healthy. Particularly, unlike other types of hair, the hair may be bleached to the ideal blond tone of 613 hue.

Remy human hair is hair that has been gathered from two or more individuals. According to Unihair, this hair is likewise of excellent quality. Its quality, nonetheless, falls short of that of a virgin. Without a doubt, the cost is also a little lower.

Unihair offers a broad variety of options for hair types and hairstyles, including

Hair bulks, wigs, and extensions are all available at this Vietnam hair factory. Hair extensions come in a variety of varieties. These include closures, frontals, ponytails, clip-in hair extensions, tip-in hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions, and hair extension wefts.

Hairstyles: There are a variety of hairstyles available in the catalogs. Unihair review has introduced a number of them, from straight hair to curly hair, from hair with a natural color to hair that has been bleached or coloured. Bone straight, pixie, afro kinky, body wavy, and other notable hairstyles come in a variety of colors, including piano, choco brown, blond, red wine, and others.

Why should you select Unihair?


As part of our commitment to exclusively selling real hair, we specialize in offering Vietnam raw hair, which is of the greatest quality available because it is all natural. Highland women care for healthy hair, and we pay them to improve their lives and provide for their own families. In compliance with the guidelines established by ISO, Unihair has received a license to utilize supplied hair. We produce high-quality goods using the hands, eyes, and minds of artisans.

Our primary offerings include various types of bulk hair, weft hair, closures, frontals, wigs, and hair extensions including ponytails, tape-ins, clip-ins, U/I/V tips, nanorings, and microrings. In order to showcase our Vietnam Hair goods, we took part in an expo in China. Our Vietnam Hair was on exhibit at the fair to attract visitors who may become clients. Our high-quality items and customer service really delighted many African clients.

We can guarantee a direct factory pricing since we have a direct factory. Since our factory is run scientifically and to its full potential, it offers the best prices in comparison to other Vietnamese wholesalers and is fiercely competitive on the global market.

There will be several manufacturing regions separated up throughout the plant. There will be professionals in charge of each section. We thus have a high degree of confidence that every consumer will be satisfied with the things we provide. Vietnam hair manufacturers consistently produce hair items with eye-catching patterns and popular trend colors to satisfy each customer’s need for beauty.

In addition to high-quality goods, Unihair is proud of its manufacturing. As a human hair producer, this supplier purchases and manufactures legal hair on a big workshop scale. A wig factory in Vietnam employs over 100 people. 1000 goods may be produced daily at our plant.

Review of Unihair: How to Import Hair from the Factory

How to Import Hair from the Factory

Purchasing hair from Unihair Vietnam is simple. In reality, the business regularly updates the best ways for clients to get hair extensions. For the convenience of consumers from various countries, we’ve included 5 procedures for importing hair from Vietnam together with particular payment & shipping guidelines.

Review of Unihairvn: Five stages to importing hair from the factory

By following these procedures, you may import hair from the leading hair producer with ease!

Step 1: Finding the contact is step one.

You may reach Unihair by way of:

Phone/Whatsapp: +84 905 97 1188

Email: [email protected]


Step 2: Ordering the hair in step two

First, make a list of all the hair extensions you need to purchase using the guidelines below: Hair quality, length, color, texture, and quantity.

Second, the sales team will assist you in creating the invoice based on your shopping list. Once they get it, they will mail it to you so you may get a check.

If you have any issues while placing a purchase, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the sales team; they are available around-the-clock to assist you.

Step 3: Making the hair is the third step.

Our manufacturer will create the hair after you have paid.

The manufacturing period might last anywhere between 7 and 14 days.

The sales team will email you photographs and videos of the completed hair extensions to make sure you are happy with the amount, quality, hairstyles, and hair colors. To immediately verify your hair extension order, you may also conduct a video call if you have the time.

Step 4: Shipping and paying

This is a crucial stage, and it might differ depending on the receiving nation. As a result, the details of each client group’s individual policy are explained in the sections below.

Step 5: If required, returning or exchanging

If you encounter any problems while using the product for which the factory must be held accountable, you can speak with it directly to find a resolution. For further clarification, you may also see our return & exchange policy in advance.

In Conclusion

Although Unihair is the leading hair producer in Vietnam, its reputation extends beyond the country. In actuality, retailers all over the world are now becoming more familiar with and confident in Unihair. There are several opportunities for international journals to suggest it.

Phone/Whatsapp: +84 905 97 1188

Email: [email protected]

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