Unihair Vietnam is regarded as one of the top manufacturers in Vietnam’s hair business thanks to its plentiful supplies, affordable rates

With a wide variety of products, affordable rates, and top-notch hair, Unihair Vietnam is regarded as one of the top manufacturers in the Vietnamese hair supply sector. I decided to get hair extensions from this store as a consequence, and the outcome was surprising. Check out the assessment of the Unihair facility. Discover the Unihair factory’s history, its goods, and its services.

Review of the Unihair factory: Its history

How to Import Hair from the Factory

The hair origin element is the first point we want to make regarding the reviews of the Unihair factory. I want to provide some of the most unbiased opinions on where the Unihair factory came from.

According to the company’s website and certain customer testimonials after visiting the Unihair facility, the plant has been there for a while, and its headquarters are situated in Bac Ninh province, Vietnam, at 280 Tran Phu street.

Since Unihair is also one of the country’s first hair manufacturers. It’s not difficult to locate evaluations of the factory on social media that express the owners’ genuine sentiments.

Unicorps Trading Import Export Joint Stock Company in Vietnam is the parent company of the Unihair brand. With retail locations and distributors in the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Central America, Unihair is one of the leading wholesale hair providers from Vietnam and a well-known brand of genuine hair extensions globally.

Our crew has years of expertise in this industry for natural human hair extensions and can provide both wholesalers and consumers with the right extension solution. From Vietnamese and other ethnic groups in Vietnam, we gathered our items. Because of this and the use of natural cutting techniques, all of our hair is virgin or remy. Our catchphrase is “Pure product, Real pricing.” Therefore, our company’s primary criteria and fundamental values are the quality of the hair and the appropriate pricing.

Examining the hair products made by Unihair

Examining the hair products made by Unihair

It’s difficult to overlook the product aspect when looking for reviews of Unihair Vietnam. In order to learn more about the Unihair products, we looked through and compiled a large number of user and customer evaluations of the Unihair factory in terms of both quality and cost.

Unihair factory review: The hair’s quality

One of the well-known Vietnamese hair vendors, Unihair factory, is the subject of this part. I’ll discuss their hair supply, hair qualities, and hair products. The quality component is highly valued, as you can tell by reading evaluations of Vietnamese hair in principle.

  • According to the sales personnel at the Unihair factory, hair is often bought directly from highland women and ethnic minorities in the age range of 18 to 25 in places like Dien Bien, Lai Chau, and Son La, particularly ethnic women from Thai tribes.
  • Unihair factory’s hair qualities include: Customers from all around the world have praised Unihair Vietnam for its smooth, silky, supple, and strong hair products that are simple to bleach, colour, and style. I found out from the staff that the following fortunate circumstances are what makes such gorgeous hair products possible:
  • Human race: Women in mountainous areas have a very healthy lifestyle since they frequently work in the fields every day and eat a balanced diet full of vegetables and vitamins. The findings of our expert study show that the ethnic component has a significant impact on hair quality, Uni Vietnamese hair is consequently highly regarded for use in hair products.
  • Hair goods from Unihair Factory: Unihair Factory is a well-known provider of virgin and remy hair products, therefore I am familiar with them. Both varieties of Unihair products are less likely to break and may be coloured or bleached. In addition to having high-quality hair. Unihair Factory also has a variety of lovely hair extensions, including straight, curly/wavy, kinky/pixie, and bone straight hair. In Unihair evaluations, the element of product diversity is highly praised.

Last week, I got a black curly hair extension to see if the validity of prior Unihair factory evaluations was still valid. I was not prepared for its superior quality. The perfect hair colour for me is dark, glossy, and somewhat wavy. The one I got is a tape hair extension, so it’s also quite simple to apply. Just remove the glue stick and connect it to the hairline. 

Review of the Unihair factory: Clientele

Customer service

In terms of customer support, I would like to go through the payment, shipment, and return policies about the Unihair Vietnam review. Ratings of Unihair are generally good in contrast to those of numerous Indian manufacturers, which frequently lack warranties.

Payment evaluation of Unihair factory

The currency for all payments is the US dollar. African consumers particularly value Unihair’s agency payment services since they find it challenging to trade in foreign currencies, particularly the US dollar. This is shown in evaluations of the Unihair factory written by African clients.

As far as I’m aware, you may pay for your order at Unihair factory using Visa, Master Card, American Express, Western Union, MoneyGram, or bank transfer in addition to other credit cards.

A review of Unihair: Shipping

Depending on the customer’s neighbourhood, a delivery service may be employed. Reviews of Unihair claim that although Unihair’s delivery time is not as quick as that of China or India, it is still within a reasonable range.

The shipment from the Unihair factory is already optimised, especially for Nigeria, claims an evaluation of the Unihair factory. According to current reviews, the Unihair manufacturer has a special shipping line for Nigeria. But other businesses in Vietnam would utilise carriers like DHL, FedEx, and UPS. The shipping charges will be lower than those of other Vietnamese businesses since there is a distinct shipping line.

The quick shipping times and assured items of the Unihair factory have also received positive reviews from several consumers. Unfortunately, the merchandise was transported to Nigeria but was lost, which was a sad scenario. They were later discovered again, and the client offered a glowing assessment of Unihair’s goods, pricing, and level of quality.

Price evaluation of Unihair manufacturer

Price evaluation of Unihair manufacturer

Since cost is the most crucial aspect of any business transaction. I usually take price into consideration while reading evaluations of Unihair Vietnam. In comparison to China and India, the cost of Vietnamese hair is often a little more for the following reasons:

  • A environment that is ideal for beautiful hair and healthy hair donors
  • Using natural herbs, hair may be conditioned.
  • Since there has been no chemical processing, it is flexible for bleaching, colouring, and styling.

Even though all Unihair products are created from 100% Vietnamese virgin and remy hair, the factory evaluation of Unihair claims that hair prices are also somewhat more than those in other hair marketplaces. In contrast to the supplied product quality, it is priced reasonably.

I’ll include multiple pricing ranges for some of the top-selling Unihair items below.

In Conclusion

A vibrant, youthful, and motivated workforce works with Unihair. Additionally, our staff members have a keen eye for design and extensive understanding of Vietnamese hair. Unihair is certain that you will be pleased with our Vietnam Hair goods as well as the commitment of the staff since we have a team that has expertise and a strong understanding of customers.

You need not worry about a dialogue because everyone on staff speaks excellent English. They speak Portuguese, Russian, and English in addition to English. In addition to providing you with the greatest Vietnam Hair products, our crew is always available to you around-the-clock.

Phone/Whatsapp: +84 905 97 1188

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