The Vietnam human hair is renowned for its high-quality labor force and suppliers. Being dependable factory suppliers to several wholesalers!

For the production of raw Vietnam human hair extensions, Vietnam is delighted to be one of the largest potential marketplaces in the world. A few options are available to you: a Vietnamese hair factory, a Chinese hair factory, an Indian hair manufacturing unit. As a leading supplier of high-quality hair extensions for wholesale customers throughout the globe, the Vietnam human hair factory is well-known. You can rely on Unihair to help you locate a reputable Vietnamese hair manufacturer for your enterprise.

A description of the Vietnam hair factory

A description of the Vietnam hair factory

Many international wholesale hair retailers have selected the Vietnam human hair factory as their source of supply in current history. There are several factors that contribute to the interest of numerous wholesale hair sellers in the Vietnamese hair factory’s merchandise.

Due to its exceptional quality, many wholesale hair sellers from different continents, including Africa, Europe, and Asia, choose Vietnamese hair. Additionally, purchasing hair goods from a Vietnamese hair manufacturer may offer several benefits to wholesale hair merchants from other nations. They also have a lot of background in the hair business.

The Vietnamese hair factory’s principal distribution

Vietnamese hair is now in abundant supply, especially in Dien Bien, Lai Chau, and Son La (regions with mountains in the northwest and northeast), especially from the Thai ethnic group, who have a propensity of growing their hair out quite long and arranging everything into a big patch on their heads (called Tang Cau).

When tried to compare to other hair kinds on the worldwide market, the link between money spent and quality of income is still the most economical despite growing standard of living and financial devaluation.

The world’s largest importers of Vietnamese hair products

Vietnam was the 7th largest exporter of false hair in the globe in 2020, as determined by the OEC, exporting fake hair worth $47 million. Fake hair was in fact the 357th most often delivered commodity from Vietnam that year.

The United States ($24.7 million), Russia ($5.26 million), South Korea ($4.52 million), Japan ($2.2 million), and Czechia ($1.54 million) are the top five countries where Vietnamese hair companies export fake hair.

The United States, Russia, and China were the three countries with which the Vietnamese hair factory’s commerce increased most quickly between 2019 and 2020.

Your very first step should be to locate a reliable hair factory in Vietnam.

Why Should I Import Vietnamese Hair Raw from Vietnam Hair Vendors

There are strategies that are step-by-step for locating the top Vietnam human hair factories and manufacturers in Vietnam. You can read more if you want a detailed road map for selecting a reputable source. How to seek out a quality hair bridge.

Do social media, mainly Alibaba, search for hair distributors.

On Instagram and Facebook Groups, many individuals begin to outsource their hair. It might be challenging to choose the finest Vietnamese hair provider for you because there are so many of them.

Find out from the salesperson you are chatting with on their business’s Alibaba account. The data on Alibaba has been thoroughly examined and validated; as a result, pick a human hair supplier with a long history of business, a wide range of products, and, most importantly, a high star rating.

Join the Facebook community for wholesalers of Vietnamese human hair.

Use WhatsApp to contact a Vietnamese hair provider

WhatsApp is almost always the primary mode of sale for Vietnamese human hair manufacturing merchants. Discussions concerning the hair industry may be had on WhatsApp with ease by both customers and sellers. They may also use a video chat to observe the hair merchants’ faces and the factory ( this way to confirm that they are not scammers )

Request a sample order

Ask for the MOQ when placing your first order because doing so will save you money and allow you to directly assess the quality. Any size order, even a bundle, will be gladly accepted by a reputable Vietnam human hair seller! Test your hair by dying, bleaching, washing, and styling it with heat. Be careful and watch out for its durability. A sample order is a fantastic method to gauge the quality. If you are pleased with the trial order, make a bigger order (just enough to satisfy the vendor’s minimum) to ensure that the sample items are not a ploy to get you to put a greater order.

To choose the best manufacturer for you, compare prices from several hair distributors.

It’s time to compare these vendors and decide which are the greatest after a list of appropriate Vietnam human hair manufacturing suppliers has been made.

The advantages of choosing a Vietnamese hair manufacturer for your enterprise

Cheap hair products from a Vietnamese manufacturer

Hair extensions are relatively reasonably priced when purchased from a Vietnam human hair manufacturer. For wholesale hair retailers that are looking for the most affordable options, this is crucial.

  • Vietnamese hair producers don’t need to import hair from other nations since Vietnam is a region with abundant natural resources. Additionally, because there is an extraordinarily plentiful source of hair in Vietnam, the supply to hair manufacturers there is quite consistent, which results in highly stable and constant hair supply prices. As a result, the price Vietnamese hair producers offer to wholesale hair merchants is fairly consistent.
  • Vietnamese hair companies also reduce manufacturing costs since labor costs there are considerably cheaper than in hair factories from other nations. Additionally, Vietnam sells a significant quantity of hair to wholesalers all over the world, so when it comes to hair manufacture, it will be mass-produced. As a result, hair manufacturers in Vietnam can produce hair at a significant cost savings.

Vietnamese hair manufacturers provide high-quality hair.

Vendors of wholesale hair must pay attention to product quality if they want to keep their business. For this reason, wholesale hair retailers want to select Vietnam human hair factory items.

  • Vietnamese hair companies just need to gather hair from Vietnamese women who grow long hair for selling. Additionally, Vietnamese raw hair from Vietnamese hair manufacturers is entirely human hair, gathered from healthy donors, unprocessed beforehand, free of eggs and lice. Vietnamese ladies naturally have highly smooth, healthy, and strong hair due to their healthy lifestyle, food, and hair washing practices.
  • Numerous professionals with years of business expertise work in the Vietnamese hair manufacturers. They will assist Vietnamese hair manufacturers in selecting the finest hair suppliers and rigorously monitor the input and output quality of the hair to ensure that the hair they produce satisfies quality standards when it is provided to hair wholesalers.

Vietnamese hair factories offer a wide range of products.

Offering a wide range of goods can greatly improve the number of clients that purchase your goods. To help wholesale hair merchants with that, Vietnamese human hair factories bring a wide variety of unusual hair goods.

  • One positive aspect of Vietnamese hair factories is their diversity, which distributors should take note of. The hair that the Vietnamese hair factory collects is virgin hair made up entirely of human hair, obtained from healthy donors, and it has never been treated. As a result, styling hair is simple, and you may even bleach or dye it a variety of colors.
  • A Vietnamese hair factory has a long history of producing hair for the hair industry. Because of this, a Vietnamese hair factory can supply the precise kinds and colors of hair that wholesale hair dealers want. What matters is that the hair has maintained its high caliber.

One of the top Vietnamese hair factories is Unihair, which offers hair extensions with the three qualities we described before. Unihair has a hair factory in Vietnam, and we want to help every hair seller succeed by providing the best goods at competitive prices. The greatest product you have ever seen is available when you contact Unihair.

In Conclusion

According to the data we’ve presented in the essay. We really hope you can locate the top Vietnam human hair manufacturer to support the successful expansion of your hair company. If you’re still perplexed, get in touch with Unihair right away for guidance.

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