The quantity of hair that the Vietnam hair factory in China produce. Hair extensions should be produced by hand for the greatest quality.

Should I select a Vietnam hair Factory in China?

It could be difficult to choose a trustworthy Chinese hair vendor from among the numerous possibilities accessible if you own a hair organization and want to import hair from a Vietnam hair factory in China. And become a wholesale hair vendor in China. The following is where you should go if you’re looking for Chinese wholesale hair vendors.

Chinese wholesale hair vendors’ sources for their hair

Chinese wholesale hair vendors

Many clients are aware of the marketing of 100% human hair extensions of genuine human hair in human hair vendors in China when it comes to the origin of Chinese hair from wholesale hair vendors in China. The hair sold by the Vietnam hair factory in China may not all be as qualified as it should be. So you must be vigilant and watchful. Numerous Chinese wholesale hair dealers still sell a combination of low-quality human hair and even fur from animals.

Chinese hair sold by wholesalers in China is frequently blended with hair from several donors. Including Cambodian and Indian hair (which is not from 100% pure hair donors). Resulting in a more affordable price when compared to other nations.

The Chinese wholesale hair vendors’ production scale

Regardless of the fact that for the highest quality, hair extensions should be made by hand. Chinese hair manufacturers use the most up-to-date technologies and mass production in their wholesale hair vendors in China business manufacturing to produce a significant amount of hair that is constantly in stock.


In actuality, there are benefits and drawbacks to creating hair on a large scale, much like the Vietnam hair factory in China. The fact that there is always a stock of hair extensions. And that the overall cost of production in China wholesale vendors is reduced is a plus. The procedure and hair extension quality in China wholesale merchants are not guaranteed, which is one of the drawbacks.

Chinese wholesale hair vendors’ positives and negatives

Positives and negatives

Benefits of Chinese wholesale hair suppliers

  • Having a large selection of goods at low prices: Vietnam hair factories in China and hair makers are able to offer hair at low rates and in huge quantities due to their large-scale production to achieve incredible volumes of goods and their usage of various sources of hair (from Indian or Cambodian hair). Then, Chinese factories and wholesalers consistently rank among the top hair suppliers globally.
  • A diversity of hairstyles Chinese hair merchants and Vietnam hair factories in China are capable of offering a broad selection of hairstyles because they use cutting-edge technology in the creation of hair.
  • Cheap and quick delivery: This is another key benefit of purchasing hair extensions from Chinese wholesalers.

Drawbacks of China’s Wholesale Hair Vendors

  • The hair from China wholesale suppliers sheds and tangles after a little time of use: The durability of the hair is constrained due to the diversity of hair sources (usually from India or Cambodian)
  • The hair has undergone a number of chemical treatments. Including: To make the hair lustrous, Chinese hair producers and wholesalers routinely use chemicals.
  • The hair is collected from a number of places. Including: The hair sold by Chinese wholesale virgin hair sellers is more durable over time due to the healthy origins of the hair donors. The quality of the hair sold by wholesale sellers in China is inconsistent since it comes from a variety of sources (as opposed to just pure hair donors), which limits how long the hair may be used.

The largest competitor to Chinese wholesale hair vendors is the Vietnamese wholesale hair market.

Vietnamese wholesale hair market

Vietnamese hair’s excellent quality and extended durability:

  • The hair is derived from 100% human hair that is natural. And it has not been subjected to any dangerous chemical treatments for the finest quality.
  • Since the hair has a full, thick texture, it is quite simple to create many hairstyles from the straight, fundamental texture, such as curly and wavy.
  • The hair is long-lasting since it comes from donors with healthy hair sources (up to 2-10 years if consumers know how to properly care for it). For treated hair, such curly, wavy, or colored hair, the lifespan may be between 1 and 5 years.

Vietnamese hair is relatively priced:

  • Vietnamese hair is not as inexpensive as hair purchased from wholesalers in China or from India. But it is nevertheless reasonably priced given the superior quality of the Vietnam hair factory in China. Virgin hair with a distinct origin that is received from healthy donors normally makes up the hair. For customers wishing to purchase in bulk and increase their revenue in the hair market. The cost often starts at $8.9 per bundle.

China’s Wholesale Hair Vendors vs. India’s Wholesale Hair Vendors

China's Wholesale Hair Vendors vs. India's Wholesale Hair Vendors

Chinese and Indian hair both originate in the same region. Chinese hair sellers’ hair will appear more shiny and fuller in photographs. However, compared to other hair kinds, Indian hair is rougher and more organic. This is because the hair treatment methods used by China’s wholesale hair suppliers involve a lot of chemicals and their own proprietary techniques.

Costs are almost the same amongst the Vietnam hair factory in China and hair factory India since they receive their supplies from the same manufacturers. India has several locations where the hair is gathered. Which quickly leads to shedding and tangling. Additionally, Indian hair is not as durable as hair of higher grade. Such as Vietnamese hair, and therefore cannot be matched to it.

China’s top 4 wholesale hair suppliers

Wholesale hair suppliers in China are called Baco Hair.

Ten years ago, Baco was founded with the goal of collaborating with both modest and substantial wholesale hair suppliers as well as Chinese wholesalers. They can make inexpensive hair wigs and extensions because they also have a facility in China where they can buy hair in bulk.

One of the top wholesale virgin hair suppliers in China that are renowned for using human hair in their manufacturing methods. This supplier also sells wholesale hair products. They are also wholesale hair suppliers in China, and you may attempt to purchase hair from them since they are regarded as the top wholesale hair suppliers in China.

Most significant Chinese wholesale hair vendors include TedHair.

Given its lengthy history and 2009 establishment, TedHair Hair Factory, one of the largest wholesale hair suppliers in China, has earned a reputation for providing trustworthy services. Among their wholesale virgin hair sellers in China are commonly wholesale hair distributors, wholesalers, salon owners, and online shop owners from all over the world.

Hair closures, extensions, Peruvian, Malaysian, Indian, and virgin Brazilian hair, among other things, are typically among their major offerings. As one of China’s leading wholesale hair suppliers, they provide hair extensions of the highest caliber.

Reliable Wholesale Hair Vendors in China: China’s Best Wigs

Because of the extraordinary quality of its virgin human hair wholesalers in China, China Finest Wigs was established in 2010 and has since developed into a renowned international hair supplier and best wholesale hair vendors in China. To fit any client, their hair products are available in a variety of textures and lengths.

They have developed a stellar reputation thanks to their wholesale virgin hair sellers in China’s stringent control and customer-focused policies. You may purchase hair from them because they are one of the Chinese suppliers of wholesale virgin hair.

FirstHair – Top-Rated Chinese Wholesale Hair Vendors

FirstHair is a China wholesale vendor that was established in 2002. It is regarded as one of China’s top wholesale virgin hair suppliers and the most promising upcoming Chinese hair manufacturer. QingDao is where it has wholesale suppliers from China. Years later, it began providing distribution services. And as a result, its network of China wholesale vendors now includes suppliers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and South Africa.

They provide a large assortment of human hair extensions, lace wigs. And lace frontals as one of the human hair suppliers in China. A well-known wholesale virgin hair supplier in China is called FirstHair.

In Conclusion

The industry is flooded with Wholesale Raw Hair Vendors since they are aware of the enormous need for a Vietnam hair factory in China. Choosing raw hair extension vendors who offer high-quality and dependable raw hair extension goods is therefore crucial.

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