Vietnam hair factory in Russia took advantage of the opening to join the market. To additional details, have seen this article.

Given that Russian ladies were renowned for having exceptionally lustrous blonde hair, many females had Russian hair extensions in their dreams.Vietnam hair factory in Russia took advantage of the opening to join the market at exorbitant prices.

If you want to discover how to operate a business more successfully and about the difficulties you’ll encounter while buying hair from Russian hair extension providers, read this post if you want to launch a hair business. If the details you already know about the Vietnam hair factory in Russia are sufficient, then let’s give further explanation.

The source of the hair used in Russian hair extensions

Russian hair extensions

The Vietnam hair factory in Russia is better than other hair that is offered online, therefore users need to learn a lot about it. It looks pricey and difficult to find natural Russian hair. “European Hair” and “Indian Hair” are the alternatives with the broadest appeal. A lot of this type of hair has experienced excessive processing due to coloring; silicone is liberally added to the hair to make it seem shiny and healthy. You will have tangled hair that is very hard to comb through when the silicone is removed from your hair. Most often, artificial or animal fur make up 80% of this hair.

This is because the hair’s natural strands are typically removed before it is exposed to an acidic environment; as a result, it can no longer be considered remy hair. You won’t have hair for more than six months because of how tough it may be to maintain. In remy hair, cuticles are properly positioned.

Because silicone is not used in the Vietnam hair factory in Russia for Russian hair extensions, it can last much longer than just a few months. If you take the proper care of it, it may last a lifetime. Suppliers of Russian hair extensions collect their hair from Russian neighborhoods. Given that they do not dye or perm their hair as regularly, the women may grow hair that is more than a meter in length, healthy, shiny, and beautiful.

Slavic hair is a well-known European hairdo, and Russian hair extension manufacturers are recognized for their Slavic hair brand. Slavic hair is frequently mentioned by both hairdressers and hair extensions. That hair is without a doubt the most beautiful and unique. Hair is fairly silky because it is typically cut from donors who are young children. 

Russian providers of hair extensions have certain traits.

Russian providers of hair extensions

However, although having a separate origin due to the strict market standards, the hair from wholesale Russian hair extensions providers shares the following characteristics.

Hair that costs a lot of money is sold by Russian hair extension suppliers: a Vietnamese hair factory in Russia stands out in one area, which is the price. Cost is extremely expensive for the reasons listed below:

  • First off, it should be known that the Vietnam hair factory in Russia demands a premium price for authentic Slavic hair due to its rarity and low production.
  • Due to increased taxes, customs fees, shipping costs, and storage costs, wholesale Russian hair extensions vendors must charge more for bleached blonde hair.
  • Furthermore, they could afford this amount in Europe due to the high level of life. Companies who offer Russian hair extensions must also pay much higher overhead costs due to the fact that production and labor are just so much more expensive in Europe than they are in other regions.

Russian hair extension providers have both advantages and disadvantages.

advantages and disadvantages.

Russian hair extension manufacturers provide benefits

The attraction of Vietnam hair factory in Russia stems from a number of factors:

  • Wholesale, premium hair extensions: As was previously stated, Russian hair extension providers are subject to a number of severe client and legal restrictions.
  • If you’ve been attempting to conduct business in Europe, Russian hair extensions suppliers are one of the best wholesale hair suppliers in the market and a perfect location to start. The fact that Russia has a voice on the global stage despite not being a member of the European Union should reassure you that you shouldn’t ever be afraid.

Russian hair extension manufacturers’ negative aspects

There are many benefits to buying extensions from Russian hair extension vendors, but there are also many drawbacks:

  • Russian hair extension vendors, as has previously been said, demand exorbitant prices. Russian hair extensions are expensive, costing anything from $200 to over $1000 each item, as opposed to Indian or Vietnamese suppliers who charge as little as $10 per item.
  • There isn’t much of a choice. It is difficult to satisfy the needs of a wide range of users due to the limited product variety. Tip-in and tape-in hair extensions are one of the distinguishing services offered to clients by Russian hair extension providers.
  • Due to the high cost of the hair, Russian hair extensions manufacturers only make a minimal volume in order to maintain current sales levels. Your waiting period is extended since the hair needs to be reprocessed following importation.

Simply put, there are advantages and disadvantages to purchasing goods from Russian hair extension vendors. We have included all the advantages and disadvantages of Russian hair extension providers above to help you make the best choice possible. We anticipate that once you’ve read it, you’ll be able to make a choice.

Leading 3 manufacturers of Russian hair extensions

I love Slavic hair

Despite being a young firm that has just gained notoriety, this business has long been one of the largest suppliers of Russian hair extensions. It was only created in 2015.

  • They originate from Ukraine, the Slavic nation with the most lavish hair. They were experts in collecting and supplying Slavic and Russian wigs from local donors to hairdressers and cosmeticians.
  • They provide a selection of colored Russian hair, Slavic hair, and hair from other European countries.
  • They have very high prices, like other Russian hair extension companies, but the quality is actually quite good for the money. 

If you value variety and don’t give a lot of thought to the cost of the hair extensions firm, this is one of the top Russian hair extensions providers.

Russian hair extensions from the top 2 providers of organic Russian hair

As a result of its growth since its founding in 2007, Organic Russian Hair is now a leading supplier of Russian hair extensions to both professionals and consumers. These Russian hair extension vendors offer tipping and fitting services, as well as training school courses for tradespeople.

  • For more than 10 years, they have been supplying Russian hair to salons and specialists in hair extensions all around the UK and even beyond. Our outstanding customer service has earned them a lot of praise.
  • In the whole region of the former Soviet Union, their hair is collected from females who wish to sell it. In addition to offering a bespoke blend option, they provide a variety of natural hues. We supply hair extensions to several well-known hair salons and hair extension specialists.
  • They all have beautiful hair. Given that it has undergone relatively few coloring procedures, the hair retains its excellent quality and longer lifespan. Please be aware of this if there have been a few very little shade variations from time to time. The closest color is assigned to each hair head after being visually checked twice.
  • English Rose, a supplier and training center in Marbella, Spain, is another subsidiary of their company. For additional information about these Russian hair extension suppliers, go to their website’s “about” page.

Top 3 Russian hair extension manufacturers are listed on Volosy 24.

This company has a reputation as one of the leading producers and suppliers of Russian hair extensions since 2008. At both retail and wholesale prices, you may get genuine human hair here.

  • The Russian Federation’s Committee for Health and Hygiene Control has proposed that a testing program be run to demonstrate that Volosy 24’s Russian hair extensions comply with all hygienic laws in the Russian Federation.
  • Volosy 24 offers a personalized discount program in addition to excessively pricey hair prices.
  • Their shipping methods are highly practical and convenient, and the consumer response to them has been outstanding. They also have incredibly lovely packaging.

In Conclusion

This is without a doubt among the greatest of the Vietnam hair factories in Russia that you should not pass up if you’re searching to buy hair.

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