The Vietnamese hair market has flourished in recent decades and is now the preferred location for the world’s raw Vietnam hair vendors.

Since a long time ago, Vietnamese hair sold raw has been recognized as the greatest. The pure and smooth texture of raw Vietnamese hair has earned it worldwide acclaim. It is possible to bleach raw Vietnamese hair to the color 613 and many more color tones. In order to increase their profit, a sizable number of foreign hair merchants and wholesalers concentrate on Vietnamese hair goods. Let’s learn everything there is to know about Vietnam hair vendors, particularly the greatest Vietnam hair Vendors.

What Is Vietnamese Hair That Is Raw?

What Is Vietnamese Hair That Is Raw?
What Is Vietnamese Hair That Is Raw?

The bulk hair used in raw Vietnamese hair is acquired directly from hair donors and is 100 percent pure (the hair sources from donors must be virgin straight, no curly or color styled). The cuticles on the exterior of raw hair are still in good shape since it has never undergone any chemical or heating procedures.

Raw hair from Vietnam is considered to be qualified hair warehouse, or raw hair that originated in Vietnam. Vietnamese raw hair is recognized as the best material due to its excellent quality and affordable pricing, and it draws interest from clients abroad including hair salons, hair shops, and wholesale hair suppliers.

Vietnamese hair in its raw form has certain characteristics

Vietnam Hair Vendor
Vietnamese hair in its raw form has certain characteristics

Natural traits and the capacity to bleach and color are among the qualities of raw Vietnamese hair. Here is just a list of the key characteristics.

Zero synthetic, chemical, or mixed hair

We at Unihair factory are happy to be the most dependable hair supplier of 100% raw Vietnamese hair with the following three distinguishing qualities: No mixed hair, no synthetics, and no chemicals. We must follow a thorough process to obtain the best possible raw hair before we can produce 100g of pure raw Vietnamese hair:

  • First, it comes from donors of hair. 100% virgin donor hair that hasn’t been coloured or groomed must be used as the source for the hair transplants. Hair from donors won’t be regarded as raw if it has already been styled; instead, it will be regarded as processed hair. Since 90% of hair dealers will offer you remy hair rather than raw hair, you risk being taken advantage of if you don’t do your homework before purchasing raw hair from them. This is why raw Vietnamese hair is so expensive and scarce.
  • Typically, a donor may only provide 200g of raw hair. This further reduces the availability of raw hair.

In addition to the three significant traits mentioned above, Vietnamese raw hair is also known by these fundamental properties:

Clear source

In fact, mountainous women are the sole source from which raw Vietnamese hair is harvested. They are young people, between the ages of 18 and 35, who live in cold climates and have healthy lifestyles. As a result, the hair collected from these individuals is of a high caliber, possessing strength, natural color, and purity.

Natural texture

Because raw Vietnamese hair hasn’t undergone any processing, it may still keep its authentic texture. Additionally, raw hair from Vietnam is thought to have a better texture than hair from nearby markets like Campuchia or India. This enables them to effectively merge with clients’ hair, giving them such a perfect and natural appearance.

Why Should I Import Vietnamese Hair Raw from Vietnam Hair Vendors?

Why Should I Import Vietnamese Hair Raw from Vietnam Hair Vendors

Vietnamese raw hair is well regarded on the international market as a result of its two key competitive advantages: excellent quality and affordable pricing.

High quality: As previously said, clients from various regions, including Europe, Russia, Mexico, South Africa, etc., choose raw Vietnamese hair due to its obvious origin and readily available source. In addition, the meticulousness of Vietnamese manufacturing and domestic size also contributes to the superior quality of Vietnamese hair.

Reasonably priced: The price of raw Vietnamese hair is a little bit higher than the incredibly low costs from China and India. Nevertheless, it is true that “Price goes with quality.” Vietnamese hair is far more affordable than hair from Europe while maintaining a comparable level of quality. As a result, it can be concluded that Vietnamese raw hair is the best option for the hair industry in terms of profitability and long-term gain due to its great quality.

The Top 5 Vietnam Hair Vendors

The top 5 Vietnam hair vendors offering the greatest prices and the finest quality of raw hair are listed below. The wholesale hair retailers from across the world competed online to determine this list. For king quality and best wholesale pricing, Unihair factory is ranked number one.

Leading provider of Best Raw Vietnamese Hair is Unihair

Vietnam Hair Vendor
Leading provider of Best Raw Vietnamese Hair Vietnam hair vendor is Unihair

The BEST HAIR FACTORY in Vietnam is said to be the Unihair factory. Unihair brand is pleased to be the first and consistent hair supplier of many wholesale hair sellers in Nigeria, a position it has held for a long years experience.

  • Unihair Factory offers a selection of hairstyles, including lace frontal closures, wigs, weft curly wavy, color hair extensions, and…
  • The Unihair company has been producing and distributing hair internationally for a long time. Numerous salons, shops, distributors, and other enterprises throughout the world are consistently supplied with the highest-quality hair by them.
  • Dependable wholesale clients from Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa
  • Direct wholesale Vietnamese Hair Extension sales at the cheapest hair market-factory price

Top Best Vietnam Hair Vendors From The UK: Adore Hair Extensions

In the UK, one of the most well-known Vietnam hair vendors is Adore Hair Extensions. Along with selling hair made locally, they import hair from several other manufacturers across the world. Since Vietnamese hair is renowned for being of the highest quality, Vietnam is frequently seen as a reputable source for importing hair.

They may also provide a variety of hair extensions made from raw Vietnamese hair that has been imported. Micro Bond, Secret Tape, Weft Hair, Stick Tips, Traditional Clip In Hair Extensions, etc. are a few of the featured goods.

SalonLabs – A Ghanaian vendor of unprocessed Vietnamese hair

In Ghana, SalonLabs is a well-known hair salon. It is said to sell a variety of items along with hair that is 100 percent virgin. You may get in touch with the vendor to find various human hair products, such as lace frontals, 360-degree frontals, and human hair wigs.

Excellent customer service and fantastic discounts are other SalonLabs trademarks. Customers may often get hair extension goods at the greatest costs during sales events held by the provider.

Unice Hair, A Raw Vietnam Hair Vendor From Brazil

Vietnam Hair Vendor
Unice Hair, A Raw Vietnam Hair Vendor From Brazil

Brazil-based Unice Hair is a business that offers a variety of hair extensions. In terms of a variety of hairstyles like wigs, hair extensions, or weaves, it is said to exclusively give high-quality virgin hair.

All styles, especially those from American-African nations, may be complemented by the Vietnamese raw hair and hair extensions provided by Unice. The textures are often designed to be wavy, curly, straight, kinky, etc. The majority of the hair is of high quality.

Hair Are Us, a raw Vietnamese hair vendor from the United States

Atlanta is home to the well-known hair supplier Hair Are Us, which was established in 2011. This hair wholesaler has experience and has been in the industry for ten years. They ultimately settled down with an offline headquarters, although they spend the most of their time selling online.

Additionally, Raw Hair Are Us imports and distributes Raw Hair and Raw Hair Products from Vietnam. They provide hair bundles in a variety of textures, including straight, curly, kinky, and other hair wefts.

In Conclusion

As you can see, the aforementioned Vietnam hair vendor are all highly regarded for offering top-notch hair. However, it is highly advised to import from a reputable Vietnamese hair provider like Unihair Factory and avoid buying via any middlemen if you wish to get raw Vietnamese hair.

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