The Vietnamese hair market has flourished in recent years and is now the preferred location for Vietnam raw hair wholesale and worldwide.

These days, Vietnamese hair is highly sought after. It is quite interesting to learn more about the top best renowned brands of Vietnam raw hair wholesale. Vietnamese hair is well-known for its exquisitely superb texture. We will show you some here in this topic to help you avoid wasting your time and money on the wrong goods that have poor hair quality or taking a long time to discover a company that sells decent items for you!

Market demand for raw Vietnamese hair, according to merchants

Market demand for raw Vietnamese hair, according to merchants

Because of the enormous revenues it generates, the wholesale hair industry in general and the Vietnam raw hair wholesale industry in particular are emerging as viable fields. Due to the enormous demand for high-quality products in the present hair market, which accounts for 80% of the market, Vietnam raw hair wholesalers are very well-liked.

  • Particularly, Vietnam raw hair wholesale is regarded as the highest-quality commodity on the market and is given by raw Vietnamese wholesale hair merchants at a very fair and competitive price.
  • Vendors of raw Vietnamese hair export the hair for prices ranging from a few hundred to more than $1,000 for 1 kilogram of high-quality hair. In the European market, raw Vietnamese hair wholesale costs 10 to 20 times as much when it gets to consumers.
  • The price of raw Vietnamese hair can still be sold for three to five times or more the cost of purchasing in Africa, a continent with a low quality of living. The cost of hair is particularly expensive since the ladies in this country enjoy changing their hairstyles frequently. Each extension weighing 100 to 200 grams of virgin Vietnamese hair can cost up to $470. Vendors of raw Vietnamese hair are taking up a bigger and bigger portion of the market because of this.
  • Additionally, considering Vietnam has positive political and economic ties with both Africa and Europe, trading with raw Vietnamese hair merchants also gives clients peace of mind. Vietnamese hair sellers are also less likely to experience fraud, an issue that the hair business has a tough time addressing.


Hair sellers in Vietnam and other nations should definitely not pass up this opportunity to save money. There are still a plethora of prospects for consumers and wholesale hair sellers all over the world to profit from Vietnamese hair products. Particularly since the industry shows no indications of slowing down its expansion. Therefore, if you want to work with Vietnam raw hair wholesale, you should certainly read this post because we will provide you the most comprehensive information on Vietnamese hair sellers and recommend some of the top raw Vietnamese hair merchants.

How to get hair from Vietnamese merchants that sell raw hair

How to get hair from Vietnamese merchants that sell raw hair

Here are some essential actions you may do to purchase Vietnamese hair in bulk from raw hair merchants.

Look up and get in touch with raw Vietnamese hair suppliers.

Vendors of Vietnamese raw hair may be located in a variety of places. Including on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Using keywords linked to raw Vietnamese hair merchants to do a search on Google is also a highly practical option.

Always be on the watch for sellers of raw Vietnamese hair who seem to be dishonest when searching for one. Despite Vietnam’s reputation for commercial safety, there is still a chance of running into a fraud while buying raw Vietnamese hair. You should be aware of these warning signals while dealing with hair dealers in Vietnam:

  • On search engines like Google and Facebook, it is impossible to uncover the address or reviews of raw Vietnamese hair producers. The absence of public information on such significant platforms demonstrates the lack of openness in the business practices of these raw Vietnamese hair dealers.
  • When you wish to conduct a video call to verify your wholesale Vietnamese hair, this Vietnamese hair dealer finds a method to reject. Vendors of raw Vietnamese hair must accept video calls as a matter of course; if they object, it’s cause for concern.
  • The wholesale suppliers of Vietnam raw hair wholesale are unclear about their payment and warranty policies. You still need to protect your rights regardless of which Vietnamese hair dealer you purchase from.
  • When compared to the general level of the market, the cost of wholesale Vietnamese hair from these Vietnamese raw hair suppliers is too low.
  • You may frequently be urged to submit a deposit without thoroughly considering it by the raw Vietnamese hair vendors.

Some questions:

Make a list of selection criteria, such as the following, to help you determine which raw Vietnamese hair seller is the best after learning completely about the product details, pricing, payment, and warranty policies as well as customer comments.

  • Which Vietnamese raw hair manufacturing facilities provide the best prices?
  • Which Vietnamese hair suppliers provide the most variety of wholesale Vietnamese hair goods?
  • Does the raw Vietnamese hair vendor you select have a quick and transparent payment and warranty policy?
  • Who offers the most affordable shipping rates and the quickest shipment timeframes for raw Vietnamese hair?

Create a verified invoice.

You must provide a confirmation invoice after determining that the raw Vietnamese hair vendor’s quality and pricing meet your standards. The invoice includes all pertinent details on the order, such as the varieties of wholesale Vietnamese hair you purchased, the agreed-upon quantity, and price. Additional charges from the raw Vietnamese hair companies, and so forth. Examine it thoroughly.

Pay a deposit to the Vietnamese hair merchants selling raw hair.

Verify the invoice before continuing with the deposit. The deposit may be 50 percent, 70 percent, or the entire wholesale amount of transactions of raw Vietnamese hair, guess it depends on the vendor’s policy.

Examine the quality of the raw Vietnamese hair.

To assess the hair’s quality, have a direct video conversation with the Vietnamese hair merchant. If these Vietnam raw hair wholesalers have a factory, you should also request images or videos of it in order to verify their legitimacy.

To obtain the hair, pay the remaining sum to the Vietnamese hair dealer.

If you didn’t make a full payment beforehand, you’ll need to pay the balance after you’re certain you want Vietnam raw hair wholesale and are delighted with it. The hair will then be delivered to your location by Vietnamese merchants of raw hair.

The top suppliers of Vietnamese hair in bulk are Unihair Factory.

The top suppliers of Vietnamese hair in bulk are Unihair Factory.

Unihair is the brand that tops the list of the ten greatest suppliers of raw Vietnamese hair. With years of business and manufacturing expertise in the hair industry, Unihair Factory is among the leading Vietnamese hair suppliers.

The first wholesale raw hair supplier in Vietnam is Unihair Factory, and it has clients from all over the world. Including Nigeria, Brazil, the United States, Germany, and other nations.

Vietnamese raw bulk blond 613 Color, natural raw black hair, raw bulk single/double/super double drawn hair. And others are the main raw hair products of Unihair Factory.

Due to their extensive expertise, Unihair has developed its own shipping line with low shipping charges and quick shipment times: 7 to 14 days, which is far quicker than the 3 to 4 weeks offered by other raw Vietnamese hair merchants.

Customers gave Unihair only favorable reviews on the pricing and quality of the Vietnam raw hair wholesale and Vietnamese hair extensions.

In Conclusion

The hair industry is becoming more and more active today. Numerous hair companies have been set up. But with the noble goal of giving consumers the most attractive and reasonably priced products. Each brand in Vietnam that produces hair products has consistently held a prominent place in the hearts of the public.

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