1. Don’t shampoo your hair too much and too often

Curly hair is dry naturally, and if you shampoo your hair too often, it will wash out the natural oils your curls need to stay intact, therefore your hair tends to become more brittle. When you do shampoo (which should be only a few times a week), remember to let the lather close to your scalp, and let the soapy water take care of the tresses.

We suggest you try a Co-Cleanse like No Poo or Low Poo because these low foam options will not dry out or strip your hair as many other regular shampoos do. These can be a bit hard to use, so we think you should first wet your hair and put a little amount of the cleanser into your palm, then add water and apply to your hair strands. Apply the solution into the scalp and massage slowly, you may add more product if you need. Rinse two times, the second one is with cool water to close the cuticle. Then you’re gonna have clean, gorgeous hair.

2. Don’t choose a stylist blindly

It’s very important to choose a stylist who knows how to handle your curls. If possible, you should never cut your curly hair when wet, because curls will shrink when they dry, and while all you wanted was a trim – you may end up with a frizzy bob. You should also never cut your curly hair with a razor because it causes early breakage or odd growth patterns.

We suggest consulting Instagram to find a nice salon which specializes in creating a softer, fuller look. You should be very clear with your stylist about how you want your hair to be so that he or she will know to cut accordingly. If you straighten your hair quite often, remember to let your stylist keeps that in mind while cutting, as blunt layers look great with curly styles but sometimes they don’t work well when flattened out

3. Don’t Be Afraid Of Using Product

Because curly hair is easily getting dry, it’s necessary to use products that provide moisture to keep your curls smooth and look bouncy. For the best effects, choose products that are made only for curly hair, and those should have ingredients like palm oil, coconut oil (extremely good for sealing in moisture), avocado oil, and shea butter.

Most girls with curly hair tend to fear frizz and exaggerated volume, so we

recommend using a good anti-frizz serum (such as John Frieda or Living Proof) and a little amount of oil to help maintain shape. Once your hair locks in place, you are able to tousle your hair all day long.

4. Don’t Brush Or Comb Curly Hair when dry

Curly hair is easy to break, so if you comb your curly hair when it’s dry it will bring more breakage and split ends. And if you’ve ever tried to comb or brush your curly hair when dry, you should know that it’ll end up with a frizzy mess. To keep the shape of your curly hair maintained, your best bet is to use a wide-toothed comb to comb your hair while you condition in the shower.

If you wake up with your second-day hair flyaway or frizz, we recommend using a fancy water spray (Avene Eau Thermale or the ever-classic Evian) or a spray that helps detangle (like Jeff Chastain Detangling Product) to reactivate your curl. Then, detangle it by using a damp brush — it will take the curls, and won’t fuzz you out. Apply oil, scrunch your curls, and let them dry naturally.

5. Don’t go against what your curly hair wants

As a girl with curly hair, you may know that no matter how hard you try, your hair will still do whatever it wants. So the best thing to do is just embrace it. If you plan to wear your hair curly, it was cut with this thought, so the shape or texture generally won’t work in a flattened style.

If you have to straighten your curls, we recommend using round-brush blowouts or hot rollers instead of a normal straightener. These bombshell blowouts (a-la Gisele, Cindy Crawford, Brooke Shields, and Miranda Kerr) use your naturally curly texture to build up an under-control, voluminous look. When you wear an updo, don’t try to brush out every single imperfection — use those messinesses to make you look like a cool girl ultimately and effortlessly.

6. Don’t forget to embrace your curls

It’s great to have a hairstyle with natural beauty with an awesome style. Cherish and take good care of them.

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