Hair extension is a great way to enhance every woman’s beauty and confidence. But before rocking that elegant look, there are questions that might hit your mind about the best extensions we offer. Here is a sample of questions we are frequently asked:

Are hair extensions human hair ?

Yes, our extensions are human hair and they look healthy and natural on your head. They are Remy with all cuticles aligned in one direction hence they don’t tangle easily. There are a variety of colors that will match every customer’s hair color hence giving you a more natural look and beauty. Human hair extensions are easy to style, color and maintain just like your natural hair. They can last up to a year if well taken care off.

How can I tell a fake hair extension ?

There are fake vendors out there willing to sell fake weaves and extensions to unsuspecting customers. At first glance, you may think they are selling a good quality product at a cheap price but wait till you use it, you realize it is a fake one. Fake weaves tend to tangle off quickly and will not serve you for the desired time. Quality hair extensions will however give you a more natural look and will last longer.

How long should a good vietnamese hair extension last ?

The durability of hair extensions vary with quality and care. Extensions come in different styles and quality and if your money can land you a high quality higher then it will serve you for a long time even up to a year. How you take care of your hair also matters a lot when it comes to durability. Well taken care of extension can last longer than a poorly maintained one. So invest in some many good products to help maintain your extensions for durability.

How much does hair extension cost ?

The price of a hair extension also depends on quality. If you prefer luxury hair you can end up spending more. However, the more you spend on an extension the more time it will serve you. There are quality hairs you can get at cheap prices but they will serve you for a shorter duration. There are also hair extensions that you can re-use and they can cause you a little more than the ones for one time use.

How can I choose the right color ?

We value all ethnicities so whether you are black or white, you will not be left out because we design our products with unique natural appearance to suit every ethnic hair type no matter their hair color or texture. We provide consultation services and will help you choose the right color that will blend well with your skin and hair color.

What is Remy hair and how do I tell it apart from non-Remy ?

Vietnam Remy hair is the most preferred hair for extensions and weaves. It’s the best quality that doesn’t tangle easily and has a natural look. Its cuticles are kept intact and preserved in a unique way and aligned in a unidirectional way giving them a natural appearance. Unlike non-Remy hairs, the Remy has same length cuticles making them appear more beautiful and natural. And of course they last longer offering great value for your money.


Can hair extensions damage my hair ?

A properly maintained hair extension will not damage your natural hair in any way. However you must be careful with the technique for application or removal to ensure you don’t affect your hair extension in a way that can cause damage to your hair, dis-color or cause damage.

Can people tell if I have a hair extension ?

Our hair extensions are natural hairs that blend well with a person’s skin and hair color and appear like a person’s natural hair. Correct placement also matters a lot and a well placed hair will close all the loose ends and if placed in rows that follow the direction of your hair and will be discreet and won’t sell you out.

Can I wash my hair extension ?

Just like your vietnam hair , your hair extensions also need some washing once in a while. However, you don’t need to wash them so often since they might wear off easily. You must choose the right shampoos and conditioners that are best suitable for washing hair extensions so that you avoid damaging them in the process. Also dry then well before styling as wet hair tend to be weak and may break easily when you comb them while wet.

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