The Reason Why You Should Choose Virgin Hair Instead Of Beauty Supply Hair? – Unihair

Many people think that the price of virgin hair is ridiculous and it’s not worth buying. If you pay it for quality, the price will not be absurd. Virgin hair is not cheap. But it is worth the extra as it lasts longer, especially if you make it into a weave – and care for it in a proper way. The virgin hair is – for sure – more expensive than the beauty supply store.

So, how is beauty supply hair different from virgin hair?

Beauty supply store hair is in short-term. Suppose, you intend to go to a nice wedding or just have a week’s vacation and you would like to have nice hair for a week so you will choose some beauty supply store hair. Actually, beauty supply store hair has something well and because it is in short-term, it has a reasonable price. Beauty supply store hair uses unreal hair, therefore it is not really meant to last. For long-term protection, you should have some good virgin hair.

Reason 1:After a longer period of time, virgin hair is still nice. The hair can last for one year instead of two weeks. Problems may just happen after you use your hair for two weeks and all of sudden the wind and gravity. The wind will just simply mess up everything, especially when you blow your hair from the back and ruin all your efforts.

There is no problem if you have true virgin hair. With good virgin hair, you can wash it so your hair will snap back into shape. The reason is it was made from real hair so it acts like real hair. With good virgin hair, your hair will even bunch up at any little movement, it is hassle free!

Reason 2: You need to work more on your hair with beauty supply store hair. To keep beauty supply store hair looking perfect, you have to comb it every 5 seconds and after those two weeks your hair will be shed then strands will be everywhere. It will be like a bird-nest. Let’s say, if you really like beauty supply store hair, you will have to clean your house all day.

Reason 3: You will receive many compliments if you have good virgin hair. Men love your perfect hair. Why can I say that? It’s not important what I’m wearing, even wearing some sweatpants, I will look perfectly with my nice hair. Once you feel confident about yourself, men will love you. Moreover, they want to be with you and feel happy when you know you look good.

Reason 4: You might struggle with an overly worn bad weave. Locks of hair could be found on the floor and your man might see it. They will wander around the house then end up with lots of hair in their hand. It could be unbearable to some people.

 Many women think that their man really does not like those wearing weaves or wigs – It’s not actually right! When you wear your hair weaves or wigs, you like it because it makes you become more beautiful. But that beauty is just temporary, and after that – hairs could be found at every corner in your house: strainer, in the drain, on bed… And that’s why your roommates hate it!

Reason 5: If you tend to wear wigs, weaves or extensions for a long period of time, you should better invest in some good virgin hair. Save some time for your life, for your hobbies, or for anything you want to do besides just caring for your hair. You feel pleased with your hairstyle, and your hair looking good is the most important thing.

 When you feel good, anything else doesn’t matter. So instead of sitting for ages at a beauty salon, you can just simply put something on your hair to make it look cute. Yes, virgin hair is more expensive, but it’s worth it. If you plan to do a protective style for at least 2 weeks, go and get some good virgin hair.

Just to share with you how virgin hair is different from beauty supply store hair, and hope you enjoy this thread. I believe that now you know all the benefits of having good virgin hair. Yes you will pay more money for that, but it will save you some time for the people around you, your friends and your family.

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