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At present, China is among the largest countries in the world for the wholesale distribution of hair. If Vietnamese hair extensions are renowned for their highest level of hair quality, Chinese hair factories are renowned for their low costs and massive production. Retailers have a huge need to locate hair companies since Africa now has a booming hair business. What more facts are there about this huge wholesale hair provider that need to be known? Attend for me to learn about some of the top Chinese hair manufacturers. And some tips on how to locate trustworthy hair suppliers in order to be able to solve that issue.

Overview of a Chinese plant that produces human hair

Overview of a Chinese plant that produces human hair

The greatest market for human hair in the world is China, where manufacturers have been producing human hair for many years. Additionally, while purchasing from a human hair factory in China, the market’s excess of hair stock has benefited hair enterprises all over the world in a number of ways.

Chinese human hair manufacturing price

Chinese human hair manufacturing price

A human hair mill in China may have huge financial benefits due to its extensive industries and effective transportation infrastructure. Because Chinese human hair factories are massive, professional manufacturing plants that make and store hair extensions in bulk at a lower cost than other countries. They create human hair at the cheapest rates.

China’s human hair factory gathers hair from a variety of sources.

The bulk of the hair used in China’s human hair factories is not truly Chinese hair. But rather hair from nearby countries like India, Cambodia, and Indonesia. It is not virgin hair since all hair, no matter where it comes from, is mixed. As a result, the cost of collecting was greatly reduced at the expense of hair quality.

China’s human hair manufacturer maintains an inventory of hair.

Due to their extensive industrial scope and inventory. Chinese human hair factories often mass manufacture and stock up on hair items. Deliveries might be made more quickly and at a lower cost of labor and manufacture thanks to this. Human hair is a biological material that contains some water. Thus long-term storage may have a detrimental effect on the state of your hair.

Cheap human hair is undoubtedly a positive thing. But as a business owner, you should balance quality and cost when selecting a Chinese hair manufacturer. Better goods encourage repeat business from your clients, which increases your chance of long-term financial success. Furthermore, there are a lot of con artists that represent themselves as human hair producers in China. So be on the lookout if you’re looking for a factory making human hair in China!

Chinese human hair factory quality


The availability of different products and the cost are crucial factors in assisting customers in making their initial purchase. But the quality of a product has a significant impact on whether or not clients would back to make more purchases. As a consequence, hair wholesalers should carefully consider the product quality when making purchases from a human hair manufacturer in China.

  • The quality of Chinese human hair gradually declines over time while initially being quite appealing. This is because the hair from a Chinese facility that manufactures human hair is made from a variety of sources and goes through a severe chemical process to give it a wonderful finish that, however, does not last for very long. The Chinese wholesale human hair manufacturer uses silicone to give hair a natural gloss and shape and removes the cuticles chemically.
  • Since various human hair companies in China produce hair extensions and wigs by mixing ground hair, prepared hair, and weft residues. Their customers are concerned about counterfeiting. Typically, hair from neighboring countries like India, Cambodia, and Indonesia is blended with the hair sold by Chinese distributors of human hair. The hair products may even contain some false hair for certain unskilled Chinese distributors of human hair. Leading to a short shelf life and poor quality.
  • Due to their massive industrial scale and inventory. Chinese human hair factories regularly bulk manufacture and stock up on hair items. Delivery times might be shortened, as well as production and labor expenses. Human hair is a biological material that contains some water, which comes as a cost. The quality of hair can be significantly impacted by long-term availability.

Buying hair from a Chinese human hair factory will offer you an advantage when it comes to product look since the packaging and coating of the hair from Chinese factories that combine human and animal hair are just outstanding. For long-term business, you should take into account the items’ poor durability from China’s human hair factories.

How to locate trustworthy hair producers in China

How to locate trustworthy hair producers in China

These fundamental methods will help you identify the top hair manufacturers in China if you are seeking for a renowned China hair factory.

Step 1: Search on Google for terms like “wholesale hair factory,” “hair factories in China,” “hair factory in China,” “China hair vendors,” and “Chinese hair vendors.”

You may easily find out more about the Chinese factory wholesale hair suppliers of your choice thanks to the internet. Which is home to all reliable hair manufacturers in China. Make a list of all the wholesale hair suppliers in China that you come across. Including their address, contact information, and information about their products and price range.

Step 2: Looking for items on Aliexpress and Alibaba.

These platforms are mostly used by Chinese hair merchants. You can rapidly get the prices of the products you desire from various Chinese hair producers by searching for them on AliExpress and Alibaba.

Step 3: Examining consumer feedback on Chinese hair suppliers.

Examining customer reviews and finalizing orders with the Chinese hair factory of your choice via AliExpress and Alibaba. To find out how many individuals visit the China hair factory’s website each month, you may also use This will provide you a hint as to which Chinese hair factories are more well-liked by customers.

Step 4: Making contact with the Chinese hair factory to get additional details.

The greatest pricing may often be found by contacting the Chinese hair producers directly as they do not publicize their special offers on open websites.

Top 5 Reliable Wholesale Virgin Hair Suppliers In China You Should Take Into Account

Top-tier Chinese hair manufacturer Kabeilu

With a 16-year history, Kabeilu is one of the largest Chinese hair manufacturers in the world. 600 people are employed at the plant, which reportedly has a floor area of more than 15,000 square meters. Due to its extensive industry expertise, it is now renowned for grandeur and, in particular, its affordable hair prices.

Due to its industrial size, Kabeilu is able to provide a variety of hair extension items. They frequently produce wigs, closures, frontals, and hair bundles. They are all competent and affordable.

Products for Elegant Hair by Changge

China’s main center for hair distribution and collection, Xuchang, is home to Changge Elegant Hair Products, a well-known manufacturer of human hair. It has grown tremendously since its founding in 2010, owing to excellent leadership and skilled staff.

In addition to the United States, Mexico, Brazil, the United Kingdom, France, Turkey, and South Africa, their goods from the China human hair factory are also marketed in these countries. Their main products are 100 percent human hair from China, including pre-bonded hair, clip-on hair extensions, remy hair, weft hair, and voluminous hair.

Qingdao Premier Hair

Qingdao Premier Hair Co., Ltd. Founded in 1995, is a human hair manufacturer in China that specializes in lace-up wigs, weft hair, tip hair, ribbon hair,… Top designers and 2000 smart employees. The supplier combines design, research, production, and sales.

The largest wholesale hair dealers in China are TedHair.

Despite just being founded in 2009, TedHair Hair Factory has a lengthy history that gives the impression that it is the greatest hair company in China and offers dependable service. They often work with distributors, wholesalers, salons, and online shop owners from throughout the world, including the top hair suppliers on Alibaba. Their primary offerings, like those of many other Chinese hair companies, frequently include virgin Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair, closures, and Indian hair.


The French term “Yvonne” denotes “nature.” The top Chinese facility for producing human hair is known as Yvonne. The layout perfectly captures the organic quality of Yvonne hair products, based on the brand name. But created more flawlessly and properly to match the trendy elements of feminine hairstyles.

In Conclusion

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