Frankly speaking, the hair bundle business is very crowded. With so many options out there and some people even selling right from their car’s trunk, how do you reach out to your clients? The answer is branding. This article highlights some of the most important things to do to help you brand your human hair bundles business. Never be a fly-by-night business that only sells a few bundles then disappears. These tips will enable you to make a unique mark even in the most saturated market. They will also help you create client loyalty, recognition, and above all maximum profit.

Quality product

Product plays a major role in the success of a business. Your main aim should be to offer high-quality human hair bundles such as Unihairvn which is one of the best choices. With so many people selling hair, a lot of products are out there of very low quality. There are thin wefts, hair that sheds, and those that get mattered up just after a few wears. Just before you put any product up online, ensure you order the samples of hair you want to sell and test its texture. It’s recommended that you take a month off playing around with the product to find out how it holds up. After this, wash it, have it conditioned, dye it and straighten it if it’s curly. If you know your human hair bundles to an extent that you can give testimony of their quality and wear you are already halfway there.

A Unique Name

Be creative and widen your thinking. Sometimes generic names can be boring and can make your brand forgettable. Keep of certain names such as hot hair, beautiful extensions, butterfly extensions, etc. Have it in mind that you aren’t just selling hair bundles; you are selling your brand.

Well Designed Logo & Website

As soon as you settle on a name, you need to have a perfectly designed website and a logo. A website and a strong professional logo is major requirement if you want to have a recognizable brand. In as much as it is tempting to borrow heavily from the latest design trend or use a template or a cookie-cutter website, this might not help you stand out. Right from font choices to color and photography, be deliberate with whatever you choose. With very many human hair bundles stores online, taking your time to come up with a unique logo and a website will make your store stand out.

Know Your Consumer

Will you be targeting white women or black women? Generally, the race is relative as far as business is concerned; however, for human hair bundles line, it’s important to know your ideal customer’s races. Hair bundles are available in a variety of colors and textures. Knowing the ones that are more attractive to who is very important in your business. Are you going after ladies who want natural hair bundles or those who prefer unprocessed hair? Are you going to sell only wigs, weft extensions, clip-ins or all of them? This takes me to the next point….

Choose the type(s) of hair to sell

With so many different varieties of hair bundles available, honing in on a given type may create a niche market for your business. Apart from extensions, there are also wigs, clip-ins, halo styles, closures, and fusions among others in the traditional weft. Then there are also the different types of textures. Are you targeting naturals and planning to sell hair that is curly or kinky? Or are you after women looking for premium untouched Indian hair? Go for what you think is the best for your brand and image. If you are targeting naturals who like kinky hair textures, then do not carry straight haired extensions. By carrying the correct hair type in your store, you will be unknowingly attracting your ideal clients.

Become an expert

Know your craft perfectly well. Becoming an expert in this business means you understand the industry terminologies, the different types of hair qualities, and their origin, how they are textured or weft among other things. As soon as you make yourself familiar, you can now go a step further and become an expert in a given hair care process. For instance, you can specialize in supplying hair products to ladies with hair loss or reselling modified hair products. You may make use of your expertise to your advantage when marketing to your prospective clients.

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Professional Photographs

Presentation too plays a major role. You’ll want to do your best to have professional photos of your human hair bundles taken or take some nice photos on your own. One does not need an expensive camera in order to take nice photos. If you are using a mobile phone camera, be sure to shoot when there is plenty natural light. Your hair bundles should be placed against a white backdrop. This can easily be done by pushing a table next to the window and putting a big sheet of white paper on top of it. Your hair bundles should then be laid on the paper climbs on a chair or stool and take several shots. Your aim is to get a clean picture.


Deliver your hair bundles to your customers with the branding front and center. Tags with a unique logo and the type of hair ordered, a few business cards for your clients to share with their friends, instructions on how to care for their hair as well as a plastic sleeve or a tissue paper stamped with the logo to protect your product is key for your shipment. If custom packaging isn’t yet in the cards, at least wrap your hair bundles in a tissue paper and include your business card with your business information as well as care instructions.


Branding is one of the most important marketing strategies to help glamorize your product and attract consumer attention. Sometimes branding plays a very important role that it costs much more than the product. Branding should therefore be including in the four main P’s of marketing (product, place, promotion and price) so it’s logical to conclude that branding plays a critical role in convincing first time buyers to buy your products. Proper branding is required to convince people to buy your products in order to try it.

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