Welcome to the world of hair transformation! In this blog post, we will delve into the exciting realm of frontal sizes, aiming to guide you through the process of discovering your ideal match. When it comes to achieving a flawless and personalized hairstyle, the choice of frontal size plays a pivotal role. Let’s embark on a journey of exploration, as we uncover the key factors that contribute to Finding Your Perfect Fit in the realm of different frontal sizes.

What Are Lace Frontal Sizes?

To put it succinctly, lace front sizes entail the integration of hair weaves within lace panels. Extending from ear to ear, this lace panel is affixed along the frontal perimeter of your head, ensuring the secure placement of all the hair. The option to either sew or use adhesive to attach it is at your discretion. Given its capacity to encompass a notably larger region than lace closures, the lace frontal proves to be an excellent solution for individuals contending with hair loss along the hairline.

Lace frontals also lend themselves beautifully to an array of hairstyles. Unlike lace closures, which cannot accommodate high ponytails, lace frontal length enables you to achieve this look due to their tightly sewn tracks that remain discreet. The primary drawback lies in the considerable dimensions of lace frontals, typically measuring 13×4, necessitating additional time and effort to effectively conceal their presence.

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Frontals typically consist of lace, silk, or silicone, with lace being the favored and widely used material. Although more cost-effective than silk, lace still offers a plush and comfortable texture. The knots positioned on the surface of a lace frontal create a channel through which your scalp can “interact” with the environment, releasing sweat and oil or absorbing moisture. Notably, these knots are effortless to conceal, closely resembling your natural pores.

Currently, the market offers two primary lace frontal types: one positioned on the hairline and another encompassing the hairline and head like a 360 fit. This delivers a natural, full appearance and quicker installation.

Top 3 Essential Lace Frontal Sizes

Wearing wigs has become a widespread trend in contemporary times. Incorporating them into one’s ensemble serves as the finishing touch to perfect their appearance, all the while preserving their natural hair from potential damage. Whether opting for tailor-made lace closures or versatile lace frontals, individuals choose wigs as a means to effortlessly achieve a flawless aesthetic.

Delving into the realm of lace wigs reveals a multitude of lace closure sizes, while lace frontals remain a more limited choice.

Lace frontals come at a higher cost compared to closures, yet their value is well justified. Notably, frontal lace sizes offer a range of options for hairstyling, contributing to their worth.

This brings us to share the most sought-after lace frontal sizes: 13×4, 13×6, and 360 lace encircling the head. These frontal lace sizes are the simplest to maintain and the most commonly encountered. Gaining an understanding of the distinctions among these different lace frontal sizes is crucial when selecting the optimal fit for you.

13×4 Frontal Sizes

A standard lace frontal measures thirteen inches across and four inches deep. It encompasses an ear-to-ear parting and features a spacious four-inch deep parting space. These frontal sizes are gaining popularity due to their affordability and convenience, offering a highly realistic appearance.

The 13×4 lace frontal provides ample coverage for the entire forehead and ears. Many of these lace frontal sizes exhibit a glossy, vibrant, and tangle-free quality. Wearing a frontal of this size renders an exceptionally lifelike look that conceals the fact you’re wearing a wig. Moreover, its installation is remarkably straightforward.

These frontals are both uncomplicated and adhesive-free, ensuring comfort even during extended wear. Furthermore, they facilitate effective ventilation for the scalp, preventing any discomfort from heat accumulation. The expansive lace area enhances breathability.

While purchasing, prioritize quality to ensure your lace frontal wig lasts up to six months. Its durability enables you to experiment with a variety of hairstyles without fearing immediate lace damage. This versatility empowers you to effortlessly switch up your appearance for any occasion, be it work, birthdays, weddings, or parties.

13×6 Frontal Sizes

Similar in size, spanning thirteen inches across, the 13×6 lace frontal stands apart with its six-inch depth. The defining feature that sets 13×6 apart from the 13×4 is its significantly deeper parting. This depth grants it a more authentic and natural look, enhanced by its ear-to-ear parting.

The 13×6 lace fronts exhibit greater flexibility compared to the 13×4. The former’s advantage stems from its six-inch-deep center parting that extends to the crown, allowing for versatile hair parting.

Consequently, the 13×6 frontal size exudes a heightened sense of naturalness and realism compared to the 13×4. Moreover, the two sizes contrast in breathability. With its larger dimensions, the 13×6 affords more extensive ventilation and breathability. Additionally, the price varies, with the 13×6 commanding a higher cost than the 13×4.

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Ultimately, the choice between the 13×4 and 13×6 lies in your hands. Opt for the 13×4 if you seek quality within a budget constraint. Alternatively, embrace the 13×6 if its slightly higher price aligns with your affordability and desire for a premium lace front.

360 Frontal Sizes

The 360 Lace Frontal, with its extensive dimensions, offers complete coverage for the entire hairline on the head. This attribute makes it an ideal choice for individuals dealing with hair thinning.

The conventional medium size measures 22.25x4x2. The circumference from ear to ear spans 22.5 inches, with the front width at 4 inches and the side and back width at 2 inches.

The 360 lace frontal effectively conceals baldness on the head, imparting a substantial and voluminous appearance. Its naturalistic look seamlessly blends with your own hair, rendering the presence of any baldness inconspicuous.

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Proper maintenance of your 360 lace is essential to prevent potential scalp damage. Furthermore, regular upkeep is crucial due to the adhesive’s limited lifespan of 4-5 days.

How To Choose The Right Lace Frontal Sizes?

For some individuals, the question might arise: “I understand that lace frontal sizes are important, but as a first-time user, how can I determine the most suitable size for me?” This process only requires a measuring tape and a mirror. Allow us to guide you through the steps.

First, stand before the mirror, maintaining a straight gaze. Take the measuring tape and measure the distance from one ear to the other, spanning across your forehead. This measurement will indicate the appropriate length for your lace frontal.

Next, let’s ascertain the width of your lace frontal. Using the measuring tape, measure the width of your forehead, starting from the hairline and extending down to just before the brow bone. You can roughly halve this number, and that will represent the width of your lace frontal.



In the world of diverse frontal sizes, finding your perfect fit becomes an exciting journey of personalization. Whether it’s the standard 13×4, the versatile 13×6, or the comprehensive 360 lace frontal, each size offers unique advantages tailored to your preferences and needs. By using a measuring tape and mirror, you can confidently navigate through these options, ensuring a seamless and confident choice. Embrace the beauty of lace frontals, as they empower you to enhance your natural look with elegance and style. Your ideal fit is just a measurement away – an embodiment of individuality and self-expression.