Gain knowledge about Vietnamese double-drawn hair, a popular extensions hair kind in the hair industry that allows women to express themselves.

Even with its significant importance, Vietnamese double-drawn extensions hair is preferred by the majority of hair resellers. This tutorial will explain all you need to know about Vietnamese double drawn hair, including where you can get it. Let’s take it to step by step from beginning to conclusion.

What is the meaning of Vietnamese double drawn hair?

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Vietnamese double drawn hair

Double-drawn hair is a form of hair that is made up of hairs that are all the same length from the roots to the tips. It comprises 60-70 percent full-length hair, which is combined with shorter-length hair and then treated until it achieves full quality, giving it a thicker, bouncy appearance.

Vietnamese double drawn hair is a form of hair manufactured entirely of Vietnamese hair, mainly from strong, smooth-haired ladies in the mountains. The hair will be carefully gathered and processed to produce a complete Vietnamese double drawn hair bundle after it has been obtained.

Vietnamese double-drawn extensions hair has a distinct look

Here are a few of the characteristics that make Vietnamese double drawn hair so popular among merchants and distributors worldwide.

  • Vietnamese double drawn hair is made out of 100 percent human hair collected from mountain women, making it glossy and robust. This is due to the human race, good nutrition, and a nice climate, and the hair is also well-cared for using herbs such as soapberry, lemon, lemongrass, grapefruit, and so on.
  • Ends of hair: The sense of floating and fullness is created by a 60-70 percent ratio of equal-length hairs consistently structured at the hair’s ends. This is ideal for those who want their coffee to be creamy and smooth.
  • Vietnamese hair has a shine and physical abilities. As a consequence, Vietnamese double drawn hair is thought to be of exceptional quality, satisfying even the most discerning customers.
  • Vietnamese double drawn hair is very easy to style. Because of its high shine, hair stylists may create a wide range of hairstyles without having to worry about it drying out.
  • Vietnamese double drawn hair can be colored and bleached in the following colors: Vietnamese double drawn hair may be totally bleached and colored, with a very high color standard, due to its inherent qualities. Blonde 613 is the brightest hue that can be bleached, giving in beautiful colors that satisfy clients.
  • The life expectancy of Vietnamese double drawn hair is up to 2-3 years. If properly cared for, it can endure up to 8 years. It’s certainly a possibility.

Vietnamese double drawn hair types

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Vietnamese double-drawn hair types are classified according to the country of origin

Vietnamese double-drawn hair types are classified according to the country of origin

According to this classification, there are two varieties of Vietnamese double drawn hair: virgin hair and Remy hair.

  • Virgin hair: Because this type of Vietnamese double drawn hair is cut from a single donor, textural homogeneity is guaranteed. Because of its outstanding bleaching capabilities and the fact that the hair is neither tangled or damaged after bleaching. European clients adore this Vietnamese double drawn hair.
  • Remy hair: This form of Vietnamese double drawn hair is more common since it is less expensive. However, because it is generated from two to three people with comparable hair textures, the quality is still outstanding. Even though it is inexpensive so there’s less demand for bleached hair, African buyers prefer this Vietnamese double drawn hair.

Vietnamese double drawn hair may be identified using the procedure approach

According to this classification, there are two categories of Vietnamese double drawn hair: raw hair (also known as bulk hair) and extension hair products.

Hair that has been twice drawn in Vietnam is raw and unprocessed

After collecting the hair, the mills will divide it and blend a little portion of the shorter hair before bundling it into raw Vietnamese hair bundles (usually weighing 100 grams).

  • Big hair salons in Europe, particularly in Eastern Europe and South America, are quite fond of this form of Vietnamese double-drawn hair (especially Brazil).
  • This form of Vietnamese double-drawn hair can be lightened to a yellow tint in addition to the customary black color. Alternatively, they can be bleached and then dyed in the hues that buyers choose.
  • Blonde is the most common choice, with #60 and #613 being the most popular.

Hair extensions from Vietnam that are double drawn

Due to the simplicity it provides, this Vietnamese double-drawn hair style is quite popular; consumers can even apply it at home.

  • Weft hair: This Vietnamese double-drawn hair form is quite popular in Africa, particularly in Nigeria, which has the continent’s largest population and economy.
  • It will enhance the condition of African women’s short, curly (even hairless) hair without placing too much strain on the head.
  • Straight, curly, closure, frontal, and other forms of Vietnamese double-drawn weft extension hair are available.
  • Tip/tape hair: This Vietnamese double-drawn hair style is only available to European clients with long hair who wish to add density and length to it.

Vietnamese double-drawn hair is used to identify them

Because Vietnamese double-drawn hair is so low maintenance, it comes in a wide range of styles. It has it all, from naturally straight hair to stylish curls.

Vietnamese double-drawn hair has a variety of colors. Clients in Africa like bold colors like red, red ombre, pink, and so on. But customers in Europe want more elegant hues, primarily blonde tones.

Where can I locate a reputable wholesaler of Vietnamese double-drawn hair?

A reputable wholesaler of Vietnamese double-drawn hair

As the hair business grew, so did the number of hair facilities, resulting in a situation where duped double-drawn hair providers could be found everywhere. Here are a few pointers to help you choose a credible Vietnamese double-drawn hair supplier on the market.

When looking for a dependable Vietnamese double-drawn extensions hair provider, keep the following in mind

A reputable Vietnamese double-drawn extensions hair provider must possess the following characteristics:

  • The factory must have a clear address, as well as an official corporate website with all of the factory’s fundamental information.
  • Ready to make video chats with consumers to show them the company’s headquarters, factory, and product photos,
  • Positive feedback has been submitted by previous clients.

Whenever they don’t get those indicators, look for alternative Vietnamese double-drawn hair vendors, regardless of how inexpensive they are.

Where can I find a trustworthy Vietnamese double-drawn extensions hair supplier?

If you’re looking for an excellent Vietnamese double-drawn hair supply, you have a few options:

  • Take a peek at your contact form. You may ask relatives or friends who have purchased Vietnamese double-drawn hair about their experiences and study their reviews to choose which Vietnamese double-drawn hair is ideal for you.
  • Look for Vietnamese double-drawn hair on the internet, in forums, and on social networking sites like Google, Instagram, and Pinterest, or join Facebook groups dedicated to it.
  • You may also find double-drawn hair Vietnam providers through hair extension review channels, bloggers, and YouTubers.

Why do you want to go for Vietnamese double-drawn extensions hair?

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The type of hair you pick is determined by your demands and money. Nevertheless, Vietnamese double-drawn hair will fulfill the most requirements because:

  • Vietnamese double-drawn extensions hair is thicker than Vietnamese single-drawn hair and similar to Vietnamese super-drawn hair in terms of thickness.
  • Moreover, the cost of Vietnamese double-drawn extensions hair is quite low, and it is not as expensive as super-drawn hair.
  • Customers with short, ruffled hair in Africa are particularly fond of this hairstyle due to its low cost and high quality.

However, it is important to note that the distinction between these three types of hair is not in terms of quality. But rather in terms of the demands of each consumer group. As a result, we still propose that you trade all three types to broaden your consumer base.

In Conclusion

To summarize, Unihair Factory is the ideal location to buy Vietnamese double-drawn hair. Whether retail or wholesale, rookie or veteran, because of its reasonable price and great quality.

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