Tape-in hair extensions: the definitive guide What to anticipate, how to style them, the disadvantages, and more are all covered in this article.

Tape-In Hair Extensions: How to Fashion

The Unihair Extensions crew has installed tape-in hair extensions to many gorgeous heads of hair in the past, and we’ve processed and styled this specific type of extension more frequently than we can mention.

Don’t be concerned about how you’ll style your hair once the tape-in hair extensions has been put on. We’re here to help you take your styling game to the next level with some expert advice on how to style using tape extensions. Grab your styling products and work your way through our checklist; your hair will be down the runway in no moment!

The Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Styling 

Improve Your Styling 

A Brush Is For Life

Alright, we understand that this seems a little theatrical, but it’s critical! It’s critical not to brush or yank upon extensions with too much effort since this might cause them to loosen. Because the hairbrush you use will play a huge role in your style routine, be sure it’s made for hair extensions to guarantee they stay as long as possible. Check out the hair extensions collection; not only are they inexpensive, but they’ll assist you to style your extensions to perfection while maintaining them entirely intact.

Those Bad Boys Should Be Backcombed

Although we don’t would like you to seem like you just walked out of the 1980s, a boar bristle brush can help you style tape extensions beautifully. You may boost the volume of your hair by backcombing the roots in specifically, which will make it appear fuller. Backcombing your hair should be done with caution to avoid causing damage; check out this helpful article from a hairdresser on the golden rules of backcombing your hair.

We Have Faith in Dry Shampoo

The reliable bottle that sits on our changing tables and bathroom window ledges. Assisting us get through one another without looking like a greasy mess, has to be every girl’s closest friend. And besides, where would we be without it? As if that weren’t enough, dry shampoo is also wonderful for styling extensions since it keeps them looking fresh without having to wash them, which can cause wear.

In addition, it adds volume and structure to the hair, making it much simpler to style. There are so many manufacturers currently selling their own versions of the product. Many of which are tailored to your hair color, so we recommend picking up a bottle right away! It will undoubtedly benefit your hair.

Heat is your ally

Although we’re usually warned that heat damages hair, which would be true, with the correct protection, it can be a big assist when styling. This is certainly relevant with tape in extensions, as it creates a smooth look throughout your hair and eliminates any visible areas where the extensions were attached. Heat protect sprays are available at Look Fantastic, so pick one up before heading for the tongs.

Reducing the quantity of oil you use is a good idea

Hair that has been treated with oily hair treatments will become greasy and slippery. Causing tape extensions to slide about and fall out of position. We make it a point to inform each customer that comes to our Milton Keynes salon for tape-in hair extensions to use less oil when styling.

Since this can result in them having to return to the salon much sooner than they’d anticipated! If you can’t afford to live without your styling products, try some natural alternatives. Which are often oil-free and gentler on your hair. Ecco Verde’s collection is fantastic!

Top 5 Tape-In Hair Extensions Hairstyle Ideas

Top 5 Tape In Hair Extensions Hairstyle Ideas

Let’s get started with the exciting stuff now that you have all of your equipment and items ready to go. Nothing makes us happier as hairstylists than helping our clients feel beautiful with styles that are difficult to create at home.

With years of experience managing all types of hair extensions. We know the best methods to style your hair once they’ve been applied. And we’re eager to share what we know with you to make things a little simpler when you’re going it alone. Take a look at some of our favorite tape-in hair extensions hairstyles. As well as some helpful lessons from some of the most popular Youtube beauty and fashion content creators.

Bun with a Mess

The messy bun or top knot is perhaps the most adaptable of up-dos. If you’re aiming for an easy, relaxed appearance, you can wear it on a daily basis as well as in the evening. This style sometimes makes extension wearers nervous since they’re afraid the bonds will show when the hair is pushed back, although this isn’t always the case.

It’s critical to see a competent hair extension specialist to ensure that tape extensions are appropriately placed. And that this hairstyle remains completely controllable. Kimberley Roya, a beauty blogger, offers a great guide on three different methods to achieve the messy bun look, both with and without hair extensions. While they aren’t particularly about tape extensions, she does provide some wonderful advice on how to cover the bonds and how to properly segment your hair for the ideal messy bun.


We adore plaits and how customizable they are, whether it’s fishtails, classic French plaits, or dutch braids. They’re becoming more popular in bridal hairstyles, and they’re also wonderful for producing an effortlessly elegant appearance on a daily basis. Braids are a great method to flaunt your luscious locks and gorgeous hair extensions in a natural and stylish way.

We adore a fishtail plait here at Angel Hair Extensions, so we were excited to see this video from Nicole Fiona Serrao, a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle YouTuber. She demonstrates how to do a fishtail plait with tape-in hair extensions, showcasing how simple and quick it is; great for creating a complicated hairstyle in a fraction of the time.

Waves on the beach

Who doesn’t enjoy a good beach wave? We can’t conceive of a situation when a relaxing wave wouldn’t be appropriate: weddings, nights out, work, college — everything goes! Although this is perhaps one of the simpler hairstyles to get with tape-in hair extensions, obtaining the right wave is really an art.

Ella Feddersen, a really attractive beauty YouTuber, shows how simple this haircut is to achieve, even with tape extensions. She provides excellent advice on how to utilize oil-based treatments and hot tools. Particularly for individuals who are using tape-in hair extensions. We’re confident you’ll agree with us that the final product is stunning!

Pony with a slick coat

Tape-in hair extensions are one of Laura Leth’s favorite hairstyles, according to the beauty and fashion YouTuber. Its sleek style is perfect for a sensual night-out appearance since it keeps your hair out of your face while showcasing your wonderful long silky strands.

She’ll teach you how to make a slicked-back pony that will make Ariana green with envy using bobby pins, hair extension brushes, and hairspray. This clip is really worth watching if you want to learn some great product techniques and hair hacks for creating particular styles quickly.

Headband with Braids

Do you want to go for an ethereal, fantasy look? Even if you have tape-in hair extensions, it’s well within your reach. This hairstyle is a terrific technique to keep your tape extensions hidden while creating an extremely gorgeous haircut. Missy Sue, a Hair Tutorial Vlogger, shows you how to do four different types of headband braids that will make your hair appear like you just left the salon.

This is a terrific style if you haven’t had time to wash your hair and just want to get it out of your face without having to put it up. Especially if you’re concerned about revealing your extensions and don’t have the time to construct a more complex style.

To Excellence, Style Your Tape-In Hair Extensions

To Excellence, Style Your Tape In Hair Extensions

So well you have it: all the tools and tricks of the trade you’ll ever need to style your hair, with no indication that your tape in hair extensions are even present. When it comes to tape extensions, our top advice and styling recommendations are a match made in heaven.

Our hair stylists at Unihair are ready and eager to assist you style your tape, LA Weave, or Pre-Bonded hair extensions in Harpenden and the neighboring areas. We’d love to talk to you about how we can help you achieve the locks of your dreams if you need any more hints or assistance on hair extensions of any sort.

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